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(RE: “Don’t get high – get real,” July 1st, 2010)

In rebuttal to Tim Lykes verbal bashing of Mr. Selthofner, I would like to remind him that he’s a great example of what’s wrong with America. Why is it that when someone runs for public office, and they mention the multifaceted benefits of hemp cannabis, there is always a small group of individuals who ask the question “What is that person smoking?”

One of many things this country needs is to take care of its sick and dying, and patients deserve the right to have access to as many options as possible, for relief from their suffering. This I know firsthand as a former cancer patient at the age of 17. Happy are those who’ve never endured the agony of being deathly ill; and miserable are those who suffer from diseases on a daily basis. Medical Marijuana is healthcare, providing relief to numerous individuals throughout this country and the World. 14 states have already agreed to its medicinal value and allow their patients access to it.

A true Wisconsin hero.
A true Wisconsin hero.

The United States is historically soaked in hemp cannabis history. Wars rage on numerous fronts as it has for 1000’s of years. Hemp cannabis was also legal for 1000’s of years, providing numerous products, one being medicine. Its medicine can be delivered into the bloodstream instantaneously, with no ill side effects, while giving the patient a euphoric feeling of contentment; and causing zero deaths. It takes a strong individual to speak about the truth, and I applaud and support Mr. Selthofner’s strength in bringing this message in such a needy time to this state.

I would recommend that Tim and the others talk to someone from LEAP/Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. This is an organization of numerous current and retired police chiefs/officers and other professional judicial and law enforcement individuals, who also have the strength to match what Mr. Selthofner is talking about. Ignorance isn’t bliss. Learn the truth and it will set you free.

Randall Prazuch, Cancer Survivor
Eau Claire, Wis

Letter to the Editor by Randall Prazuch
Letter to the Editor by Randall Prazuch

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