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Time to reeducate ourselves

Printed in the Berlin Journal Newspapers, July 22nd, 2010

Berlin Journal Letter to the Editor by Scott Hadden
Berlin Journal Letter to the Editor by Scott Hadden

Known as marijuana, cannabis, and hemp this plant is usually associated with criminals and degenerates.
In fact, scientists and doctors have proven many beneficial properties that go unheard in mainstream society. Besides medicinal purposes, there are many industrial uses for hemp, too many to list. If you do a search on hemp you can see for yourself all the products that can be made.

So in this time of economic struggle, and the fact that prohibition doesn’t work on any level, why don’t we legalize and regulate marijuana?
It’s time to reeducate ourselves about marijuana, its effects and the pros and cons of it all. It’s pretty obvious to me that the benefits far outweigh the risks. In life everything has risk, from the time you get up in the morning to while you are sleeping, there is always potential for negative consequence. To hold that against marijuana is unfair, biased, and in need of change.

I have noticed only a very few candidates for the upcoming elections are viewing legalization as a way to help Wisconsin and it’s people. I have noticed Jay Selthofner (Independent, Green Lake) for Wisconsin District 41 Assembly putting out a lot of informative, unbiased information about this subject. He isn’t even in my voting district. How come no one else seems to be concerned about this? Jay has legitimate ideas on how to help progress Wisconsin economically, help the people that would like to use marijuana as an option for medicine, and regulation of a ultra renewable super crop. I would like to see more candidates focus more on issues like this, that could really prove to have a positive, immediate impact on our state.

Scott Hadden, Green Bay

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