Who is Assembly Rep Clint Moses
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Who is Assembly Rep Clint Moses


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Rep. Clint Moses (R)

Clint Moses was born and raised in Menomonie, WI. His childhood was filled with helping out on the family’s small farm, playing sports and participating in activities like Boy Scouts where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Clint is alumni of Menomonie High School and UW-Stout. At the age of 16 he started his first business in lawn care, and was able to pay his own way through undergraduate earning degrees in Psychology and Human Biology. Clint then went on to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic.

Clint lives on a small farm where they raise sheep and cattle in the Menomonie Township with his wife and four daughters. In 2003 he opened Red Cedar Chiropractic with his wife, Dr. Nora Moses. They have been caring for residents of Dunn County and beyond since then, as well as donating time and resources to various charitable organizations.

Born Menomonie, Wisconsin, April 10, 1976; married; 4 children. Graduate Menomonie High School, 1995; B.A. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Stout, 1999; B.S. in Human Biology, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, 2001; Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, 2003. Chiropractor, small business owner, farmer.

Member: Menomonie Rotary Club (former president); Menomonie Chamber of Commerce; Wisconsin Farm Bureau. Former member: Community Foundation of Dunn County (past board president); Colfax Health & Rehabilitation Board; NRA; Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout and board member for the Tall Oaks District); School District of the Menomonie Area (board clerk).

Elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly District 29 since 2020.

What we know

In the candidate interview from 2020 Rep. Clint Mosses said he used to be against marijuana in any form, but he does support medical now, because of his practice he witnessed patients use cannabis with great success, especially chronic pain. He goes onto state that any drug could be misused, like tobacco or alcohol.  – July 2, 2020 Candidate Interview.

His 2020 Candidate Questionnaire Answers on file, candidate supports the 2019-20 Assembly Bill 220 (adult use legalization) and received an Endorsement from NORML in the 2020 Election.

Rep. Clint Moses did co-sponsor cannabis decriminalization legislation his first term in office during the 2021-22 session, but was absent from the medical cannabis legislation Republicans presented during the same session. As one of the only Republicans even giving a little inclination that they would support the adult use legalization bill authored by Senator Agard (D) it is unfortunate that Rep. Moses was absent from the adult use legislation.

In 2022, Moses was labeled as one of the Republicans to Keep Our Eyes On in a detailed article about the Republicans who were trying to do something in this area of legislative needs. Unfortunately the 2023-24 session saw a repeat performance from Rep. Clint Moses on adult use legislation. The 2020 NORML Endorsement must not have meant anything to Rep. Moses, because he was again absent from co-sponsoring the adult use legislation. Rep. Moses was even absent from the decriminalization efforts this session.

What did he do?

The controversial medical cannabis legislation Robin Vos (R) authored this session was co-authored by Rep. Clint Moses. This legislation maybe in play in the Assembly, but the Republican Senate has yet to file any version of medical cannabis. Both houses need to pass identical legislation to become law. Assembly Bill 1040 was assured a public hearing a floor vote by Robin Vos and he sent his bill to the Assembly Committee Health, Aging and Long-Term Care that is Chaired by Rep. Clint Moses. As session is coming to a close quickly, this bill has not been scheduled for a public hearing at the time of this article.

Main stream media covered the Republicans introduction of the bill in a variety of ways. Many of the news outlets just regurgitated the key notes from the GOP Assembly Press Events, but a few of them questioned the bill authors further on the topic of adult use legalization. Rep. Moses is reported to have said (re: legalization) “I think that’s a direction the Governor would definitely like to see it go. I think that he views this as a starting point and I do as well. I want to see how this goes safely first.”

Speaker Robin Vos (R) has always been critical of any medical marijuana program that would lead to a further push for recreational marijuana and has publicly threatened to kill the bill if any of that poison talk makes its way into the conversation. So although we applaud Moses for his continued support of reform we all wonder if the methodology he is using to ending prohibition is going to work.

What would work better?

Perhaps instead of competing medical marijuana bills or trying to pass a bill within the GOP Caucus alone, Republican politicians like Clint Moses should officially form The Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus and work on one bill together with the Democrats. The official establishment of this Caucus would represent the growing, bipartisan support in our Senate and Assembly for marijuana reform and could move along legislation much more effectively and efficiently, ensuring success for all of Wisconsinites.

In lieu of a lobby day this spring, we are asking activists to use the Action Alert on the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network to express your concerns about this Republican marijuana bill. In addition, we ask that you watch our calendar of events and show up to testify at the public hearing should Rep. Clint Moses actually hold a public hearing on this legislation. For more information on the Republican medical cannabis bill, I authored two additional articles entitled Republican Marijuana Bill Needs Amending and I completed a co-sponsorship and committee assignment analysis in an article labeled 2024 Analysis of GOP Medical Cannabis Bill.

Rep. Clint Moses
Rep. Clint Moses (R) is an Author of AB 1040 and is the Chair of the Committee receiving the bill.