Meet NORML Aaron

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I believe what Northern WI NORML, and NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) as a whole, are doing for … Read More

Open Letter to Wisconsin Legislators by NORML Elizabeth

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I am writing this letter as a concerned voting constituent. In light of the new legislation in Massachusetts, Colorado, and … Read More

NORML Jay hits the Wisconsin Public Airways

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On Wednesday morning, November 14, 2012 from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM Jay Selthofner, C0-Founder and Treasurer with Northern Wisconsin NORML will be … Read More

Activist thoughts for an anti-activist world

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Since I have become a commissioned activist team member for NORML I have been flooded with many emails, mainly thanking … Read More

Ravaged by Drug Prohibition

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Ravaged by Drug Prohibition Chicago aldermen poise at the drug-war precipice ready to ban synthetic marijuana like banning something makes … Read More

Wisconsin is ripe for marijuana reform says marijuana activist

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Sharing is caring and Jay Selthofner gives some insight into what he encountered during his field work with the general … Read More

Support behind closed doors more NORML than you know.

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So I had an opportunity to talk with a long time family friend who has an addiction issue. I asked … Read More

Insights, observations and comments by NORML Rich

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    Richard Martin, Executive Director of Northern Wisconsin NORML, provides insight into activism and working with elected officials in … Read More

Posting links with great information……completely NORML!

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Worth Repeating: 7 Cannabis Studies That Will Change Everything – Toke of the Town: “Worth Repeating ​By Ron Marczyk, R.N.Since … Read More

My Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day I visited my Vietnam veteran friend who has enjoyed spring fishing in the Rainy River, Willie Walleye … Read More

Happy “After” Hemp Week

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Recently I celebrated National Hemp Week with an unenthused pop instead of the grand bang it truly deserved. I posted … Read More

DWI court saves

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I worked 2+ decades in alcohol/drug detox/rehab and agree 100% that “DWI Court” is money well spent. In mental health … Read More

Teachers or Weed, That is the Question…

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Teachers or Weed, That is the Question… Governor Walker does not wish to allow teachers and other state employees bargaining … Read More

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