Medical Marijuana Senate and Assembly Committee Information

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Senate Bill 507 and Assembly Bill 570 (Medical Marijuana) have been assigned to the following committees:

2019 Senate Committee on Government Operations, Technology and Consumer Protection

(Chair) Senator Duey Stroebel (R – Saukville) (608) 266-7513 Email:

(Vice Chair) Senator Chris Kapenga (R – Delafield) (608) 266-9174 Email:

Senator David Craig (R – Big Bend) (608) 266-5400 Email:

Senator Robert W. Wirch (D – Somers) (608) 267-8979 Email:

Senator Jeff Smith (D – Eau Claire) Telephone: (608) 266-8546 Email:

2019 Assembly Committee on State Affairs

(Chair) Representative Rob Swearingen Assembly District 34 (R – Rhinelander) (608) 266-7141

(Vice Chair) Representative Gary Tauchen Assembly District 6 (R – Bonduel) (608) 266-3097 Email:

Representative John Jagler Assembly District 37 (R – Watertown) (608) 266-9650 Email:

Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R – Oshkosh) (608) 267-7990 Email:

Representative Daniel Knodl, Majority Caucus Chair Assembly District 24 (R – Germantown) (608) 266-3796

Representative Mike Kuglitsch Assembly District 84 (R – New Berlin) (608) 267-5158 Email:

Representative Rob Summerfield Assembly District 67 (R – Bloomer) (608) 266-1194 Email:

Representative Bob Kulp Assembly District 69 (R – Stratford) (608) 267-0280 Email:

Representative Tyler Vorpagel Assembly District 27 (R – Plymouth) (608) 266-8530 Email:

Representative Christine Sinicki, Minority Caucus Sergeant At Arms Assembly District 20 (D – Milwaukee) (608) 266-8588 Email:

Representative Tip McGuire Assembly District 64 (D – Kenosha) (608) 266-5504 Email:

Representative Tod Ohnstad Assembly District 65 (D – Kenosha) (608) 266-0455 Email:

Representative David Crowley Assembly District 17 (D – Milwaukee) (608) 266-5580 Email:

Representative Shelia Stubbs Assembly District 77 (D – Madison) (608) 266-3784 Email:

SB507 and AB570 SPONSORS AND CO-SPONSORS ARE LISTED IN GREEN and are Democrats. We really need to focus on the Republican districts listed above. If you live, work, play or know people in these areas, please have them reach out to their elected officials. The following link will access you a prewritten letter and system to email your law makers for you, use it!

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