So Long, and Thanks for all the Activism
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So Long, and Thanks for all the Activism

Hello Friends,

We would like to announce that after 13 years, we have decided to close our NORML chapter. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one of those reasons is that for the past 13 years, we have also been running the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network, and this is where we have decided to focus our efforts going forward. So, follow us on our other adventure, and join us in our activism on that platform!

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Kenosha Residents for Cannabis Reform Spring Candidate Guide 2024

Kenosha Residents for Cannabis Reform Spring Candidate Guide 2024

I have been providing election coverage for awhile now and working with this group has always been a pleasure. If I have a question about Kenosha, I contact them. This group worked tirelessly on local decriminalization efforts and in Sept of 2023 claimed a major victory being responsible the passage of the lowering the fines for first adult possession of marijuana charges in the City of Kenosha will be $1 plus court costs.

The dedication and time they put into this projects is never ending. The Kenosha Spring Candidate Guide completed by the wonderful group of individuals at the Kenosha Residents for Cannabis Reform deserves big round of applause! Please follow them on Facebook Page Legalize Kenosha and share with your friends in Kenosha. The comprehensive candidate guide is a model for what activists can accomplish at their city or county level. Here is their message, we hope you can become more active and help other people hear this by sharing with those that care.

Hey Kenosha! Are you ready to vote on Tuesday, April 2nd?

Two years ago we started sending out a candidate survey to local candidates and this year we’ve elevated it to another level. We are proud to provide you with a complete 55 page candidate guide on every general election candidate running for Mayor, City Council, and County Board in Kenosha. This guide is a report on candidate voting records, past statements, and their responses to our candidate survey.

kenosha county election 2024
Kenosha County

Please note that KRCR does not endorse and symbols should not be perceived as a voting recommendation; they are placed to both provide caution or recognition for candidates that have gone above and beyond on cannabis issues in either direction.

kenosha election 2024
kenosha election 2024

In the future we hope to add capacity to release this guide earlier and to include more races in municipalities throughout Kenosha County. We will also share images from this guide throughout this week leading up to the election. Thank you to the candidates who participated in this process.

Tuesday, April 2nd Kenosha: wake and take yourself to your polls!

You can view our full 2024 Spring Candidate Guide here:

Spring, then onto Fall Elections

No doubt we will see some of these candidate names again in future. The 2024 Wisconsin State Election is extremely important for marijuana reform and I will continue to bring you election coverage as more candidates make their political moves.