Rebecca Kleefisch on pot as a potential Gov candidate
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Rebecca Kleefisch on pot as a potential Gov candidate

The Past

I remember back to the 2000 through 2008 reign as Rebecca Kleefisch (R) was the Lt. Gov to Scott Walker. I checked my archives and Rebecca Kleefisch did not give any positive news statements about marijuana reform as an elected official. Her eight year run as Lieutenant Governor did not leave me with the impression that she was a cannabis reformer, or that she even cared about this issue.

The Husband

Joel Kleefisch

Her husband, Joel Kleefisch (R) was an assembly representative for the 38th district from 2004 – 2018. I worked with a disabled veteran from Watertown who resided in the Joel Kleefisch district. Together we labeled Joel as unsympathetic to the suffering of patients who benefited from the therapeutic use of cannabis.

Joel was absent from the 2017 Republican attempt to decriminalize marijuana while sitting on the Corrections Committee and Committee on State Affairs. He received a failing grade as a legislator by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in 2017.

His over a decade in office as an assembly representative did not leave the impression that he was a cannabis reformer or even cared about this issue to me.

Rebecca Kleefisch was Lt. Gov during the 2017 campaign and has no news articles or quotes I could find supporting the Republican decriminalization attempt.

The Interview

Rebecca Kleefisch

In February 2021, Rebecca Kleefisch was interviewed by Ben Dryden and the topic of marijuana legalization came up. is excellent for poising the question and letting politicians talk about pot. We thank them for the continued work they do on this important issue. The live-streaming show aired at 8:30a on DrydenWire’s Facebook page.

I usually try to transcribe and archive these portions of interviews. They are sometimes are only clue the public gets before developing an opinion and voting.

In this case, I am asking for a volunteer to help by transcribing the answers Kleefisch gives to what she thinks about marijuana legalization. (just email us the transcription or leave it in the comments!) That portion of the interview starts at 38:19 and I have archived it and have it ready to play for your viewing/listening pleasure.

I think it is important to watch the video, listen closely to her words/answers and mannerisms to help develop your opinion on her stance. Thanks again to the for the interview content!

I did spend a few more minutes looking through google news archives and could not find anything else on the subject. If you can or know of additional public information about this candidate, please feel free to contact me. I did look at her Rebecca for Governor website, facebook page and twitter account, but did not see any marijuana related content. I suggest you follow her campaign on facebook and help keep track of her public events as a candidate, show up and continue to question her on cannabis reform.

The Ask

If you are a Republican and plan to vote in the 2022 Republican Primary, now is the time to help shape the candidates and help develop policy. The Rebecca Kleefisch campaign email is and her campaign phone number is 608-313-5661. Reach out to her and start you cannabis conversation today.

PS. Don’t tell her I sent you, her video indicates she prefers natural and organic contact.