SB507 / AB570 Medical Marijuana Legislation for 2019-20

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Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) and Representative Chris Taylor (D-Madison) introduced legislation, SB 507 / AB 570, seeking to provide qualified patients with legal access to medical cannabis with a physician’s authorization. SB507 is supported in the Senate by Republican Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point).

In the assembly three additional Republican legislators have cosponsored the AB 570. Field Activists have been reporting that first time cosponsors, Reps. Todd Novak, (R-Dodgeville) and Joel Kitchens, (R-Sturgeon Bay) have been supportive of medical cannabis and it is great to see their work have impact. And work in rural Northern Wisconsin pays off as James Edming (R – Glen Flora) recently signed on as cosponsor. This is the first time Republicans have signed their name to a bill in nearly two decades.

The bills would allow patients to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis and up to 12 plants.

83% of Wisconsinites support legalizing medical cannabis according to the latest Marquette Poll.

Keep up the phone calls and email contacts, especially to Republican Senate and Assembly Districts. Please use the following link and enter your information to urge lawmakers to support this effort.

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Jay Selthofner, Founder and current Treasurer of Northern Wisconsin NORML, is a motivated citizen activist in Wisconsin. In the past he has also served as Executive Director of the chapter, and in 2010, he brought awareness to Wisconsin with his run for Wisconsin State Assembly on a platform of full legalization of Cannabis and Hemp for Medical, Industrial, and Recreational purposes. Through networking, communication and hard work he believes the reform of marijuana laws will progress quickly and we will be one step closer to global peace. Visit his website at

6 Responses

  1. Chris Klein
    | Reply

    I support medicinal and recreational marijuana legalization, governed the same as alcohol.

  2. Anthony Parks
    | Reply

    My doctor is will to get my a card

  3. Michael Velimirovic
    | Reply

    This is necessary people!!!!

  4. The American people
    | Reply

    I support well secured from tampering of regular use of marijuana. It should just be legal. Screw Medicinal. No one needs to know other than the user. Using this as a way to take away our rights in not an option. No one on a list. No one being watched. If anything legalize marijuana and out law alcohol. That won’t happen. Just like the government continueally taking away our rights as individuals. Putting us more and more in debt each year with their corporate sponsers posioning Americans and making it look like it a healthy alternative.

  5. Tyler Moffitt
    | Reply

    I can’t wait for the day where I’ll be able to smoke medical cannabis to help with my nerve pain after having my accident.

  6. Lynn Allard
    | Reply

    It would be shame to see Republicans lose key positions in our state because they continue to ignore the evidence of the benefits of cannabis. People will vote the issue over the party in our next elections . As a 66 year old conservative I feel it is past time to be approved in Wisconsin. There are too many who need this medically and you are playing god with their lives. Not only are they ill but they have to live in fear of arrest and prosecution for trying to survive their illness. Want to stop the opioid crises??? Stop interfering with this issue. People in chronic pain need something more than tylenol. Wake up Wisconsin Republican leaders.

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