Wisconsin GOP Says No To Cannabis Reform. Increases Budget For Corrections.

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Senator Dan Feyen (R) 18th District

The Wisconsin GOP majority removed all mention of reforming our harsh and unreasonable cannabis laws this past budget cycle. However they seemed more than happy to increase the money we spend incarcerating people in this state. Last year our corrections budget was 202.8 million dollars and in the future that price tag will be much higher. Wisconsinites in majority want cannabis to be legal on one level or another but it would seem the GOP would rather stimulate the economy by continuing to drag cannabis consumers into the system.

State Senator Dan Feyen (R) representing those of us in senate district 18 posted information related to the increased corrections budget in his July 10th Capitol Update. Senator Feyen states “this budget makes investments in the people the state has been charged with rehabilitating.” As a person who has had their life altered grievously because of our unforgiving cannabis laws, I believe I am more than qualified to pose the question; “are you serious Senator Feyen?”

Let’s call an apple an apple for a moment shall we? No investment is being made into rehabilitation. Anyone whom actually believes our corrections system rehabilitates anyone either has their head buried in the sand or they’ve never met anyone who is a product of their “rehabilitation.” Our corrections system is there for one purpose. To punish you for violating the law. I don’t for a minute believe this is about the people who are incarcerated. From where I stand this looks like the GOP buying the votes of the folks employed by the corrections system and using our tax dollars to do it. Who isn’t going to vote for the people that gave them a raise?

Wisconsin has said through a non-binding referendum we wanted cannabis to be legal. Not only legal but we want our state economy to profit from it and thrive. As a result of such we want lower taxes, improved services and an improved quality of life. Instead of listening to the voters, the GOP just invests more money into the one thing we are against; locking people up for making their own choices about their medical needs, quality of life and happiness.

During a time when states around us are expunging cannabis convictions and enjoying the benefits of legal cannabis, Wisconsin lawmakers are spending our tax money ramping up funds to prisons.

Senator Dan Feyen’s website

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Alan Rupnick is a citizen activist and volunteer. He is active with several local community based organizations and is the current Executive Director of Northern Wisconsin NORML. A life long resident of Wisconsin, Alan is passionate about ending cannabis prohibition in the state he calls home.

5 Responses

  1. Debbie Hansen
    | Reply

    Geesh, that is rather brutal. Another words we will incarcerate you for cannabis, like we don’t have enough plant prisoners already.
    Maybe you should go to another state. Even Oklahoma has medical.
    As far as I know only Idaho and Wisconsin does not want cannabis
    I will not set foot in Wisconsin ever.

  2. Eugene
    | Reply

    This has to be stupidity at the highest level. The voices have spoken extremely loud. They need to proceed with a referendum that makes it law (or not) upon our results of our votes. They are only investing in arresting minorities. This is a direct and vicious attack to those seeking a separation of life threatening pain killers and prescriptions that caused more issues. Wisconsin is going in the complete wrong direction that cause more harm, failing to respond to life threatening calls in a timely manner, creating and even larger gap between communities and peace officers. Stop wasting Wisconsin funds. Stop avoiding voices our state. Start standing for the people. Start reducing deaths due to failed prescriptions. They will all be replaced. Time for Wisconsin voices to get louder.

  3. Verona Kapishkowit
    | Reply

    So….they would rather see more drunk driving accidents, more DV, more people in jail for a GOD GIVEN PLANT…..than see them out luving productive lives!!! And what about the MEDICAL aspect, & impact??!!! As a Breast cancer survivor, I use CBD’s, I use Hemp hygiene, make-up, & oils to help with the pain!!! I could have OD’d with the amount of pain killers I was on, but PLEASE……keep opposing a plant which has so much potential!!! For profit, health, lower crime, & less life lost!!!! Can you say STUPID???!!! For Christ’s sakes….get your OLD, UNINFORMED ASSES OUT OF YOUR HEADS & do something GOOD for our state!!! And our LIVES!!!

  4. Kim
    | Reply

    Good. I dont want cannabis legal!! So proud of our GOP. If people dont like it there are states they can move to where its legal. Just like I wont move to a state where it is legal.

    I believe there are medicinal benefits, and I would support legalization for medicinal purposes. People don’t need to self medicate, that never turns out well. So having medical professionals diagnos and prescribe is appropriate. I would never support recreational use. Getting high on anything, is never a necessity. People need to stop acting like it is.

  5. Jennica
    | Reply

    It’s not brutal, IT’S THE TRUTH

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