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Selthofner will offer green jobs

As printed in the Ripon Commonwealth Press (www.RiponPress.com) on October 13th, 2010.  Ripon

Stelthofner will offer green jobs

Article available online at: http://www.riponpress.com/main.asp?SectionID=11&SubSectionID=29&ArticleID=1715&TM=32387.74

Selthofner will offer green jobs
Selthofner will offer green jobs

Selthofner will offer green jobs

In the 41st District, Jay Selthofner is running for the Assembly.

This man is about creating jobs. Green jobs. All the way up from farm field to manufacturing to textiles to bio-fuels and medicinal healing agents.

You’ll get a lot of disinformation on the TV about hemp and marijuana but Jay, at least, will tell you the truth. He owes no lobbyist favors or corporate kickbacks. Why? Because he’s about working for the people.

That’s also why he chooses to push a solid hemp and cannabis platform.  Nearly 2,000 products from paper to wedding dresses can be made from it, as well as paints, varnish, oil lamps and No. 2 diesel fuel. The kind that does not foul the entire gulf.

Medicinally, in its natural state, marijuana is the most therapeutically active substance known to man.  The seed sprouts from the plant are a health super-food.  Taken together all these mean jobs.  And isn’t that the best way to stimulate the economy?

— Jeffrey Smith, Brillion

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