Print Your Own Support Pages

Wisconsin Active Legislation Support Letter:

Here is a pre-written support page for the start of the 2019 Wisconsin legislation session that you can print out, sign, and mail to your legislators.

Want to make a even bigger impact? Please engage your elected official directly via email, phone, or office visit.  In this case, we really need you to contact your Wisconsin State Senator and Wisconsin State Assembly Representative.  It is not always easy, fun or exciting, but it is activism…and well, part of democracy and some would say our civic duty.

Open the PDF to bring up some quick information to educate yourself before you call.  Talking points are included in the support letter.  The new legislative session for 2019-2020 will begin early in January.

If your elected official indicates they are a past sponsor or supports marijuana reform, please thank them and send us a quick email for our files.  Most likely if you call you will speak with a staffer and not the elected official.  If the staffer does not know or indicates a negative stance from the official …here comes the hard part….talk to them about hemp cannabis and why reform is important to you, as well as hit some of the bullet points in the PDF.    There is some education to be done to our elected officials and you are just the one to do it.

If you want to speak with NORML representative before you contact an elected official do not hesitate to call, but please know who your elected officials are.  If you are not sure who your Senator and Assembly Representatives are, please use the follow link: 

Or you can sign it and return it to any board member and we will collect them and make copies for both of your legislators and then present it to them along with a stack of other signed letters of support.

Also, please feel free to print multiple copies and collect signed letters from friends, family, and strangers alike. The more support we can show our legislators, the more likely it is we can achieve marijuana reform in Wisconsin!

You can also snail mail completed signature support letters to us at Northern Wisconsin NORML, PO Box 542, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971 or contact us directly at anytime to become active in collecting.

Please click on the link below to bring up a pdf of the support letter:

Want to do this all electronically?  We got you covered there also.  We use the Action Network to help with our petitioning and here is the link to make all that happen.

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9 Responses

  1. Harold Paulick

    With regards to the letter in support of medical marijuana. I believe you were incorrect when you stated in the letter that marijuana “has a low risk of addiction”. With all due respect, there is NO risk of addiction and I think you should state it that way. I have been smoking marijuana for 40 years and there is NO risk of addiction and you shouldn’t deceive or give anyone the perception that it is possible for addiction.
    I also want to give my opinion about something else. Not only should you be lobbying for legalizing marijuana for medical reasons, you should pursue the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. What NEEDS to happen is you should be pursuing and lobbying for Wisconsinites to be able to bring forth and vote on referendums in this state like Colorado and Washington. We are only one of two states in the entire country that cannot do this. This is crucial in this fight and has to change. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    • Joe Agostine

      I agree that there is not a physical addiction problem with marijuana, but I do believe that there can be a strong psychological addiction, which could be argued that it varies from person to person of how detrimental the addiction can be. I think that the cost/benefit ratio with marijuana is a low number when compared to other medicines or vices. In Colorado, the medical marijuana is taxed at a much lower rate than the recreational marijuana, which I believe is at 10%. The first project earmarked, for the taxes collected, will be for education projects. I think the medical and recreational legalization of marijuana would be a good idea.

  2. Tyler

    Keeping marijuana, or more appropriately Cannabis Sativa/ Cannabis Indica illegal as medicine is a crime against humanity. I suffer from painful peripheral neuropathy, have tried opiates, but the side effects are far worse than that of the correct strain of Cannabis for each medical condition. I’m sick of being addicted to opiates for so many reasons. Cannabis is so much “easier” on ones body. The time has come for people to wake-up, and realize Cannabis is a legitimate medicine and depriving people who would benefit from it is simply inhumane!

  3. Jerry t alexander

    How do I get a copy of your petition….would like to help support legalizing in Wisconsin and if you could send me a copy to pass around and sign. Thank you so much and I hope we get this legalized.

  4. Brittany Hmielewski

    we should have in ashland because there is so many people out there could use it

  5. neil adamzak

    Id rather smoke a tree than get wrapped around one….

  6. lacie

    Just think how many accidents deaths etc are caused by alcohol verse how many because of marijuana. Marijuana is beneficial in multiple different ways. Its all natural. Don’t underatant why it shouldn’t be legalized!

  7. Steve

    Give the people of Wisconsin what they want and deserve!

  8. NORMLJay

    Or even better, begin a cannabis conversation with your State Senator and State Assembly Representative., we process forms all the time, but they (legislators) need the direct contact from constituents, if you need help or pointers, let us know, give us feed back also when you talk to your elected official.

    The form letter will be updated periodically as the legislation session begins/ends and new legislation is issued!