Print Your Own:

Introductory Activist Guides / Membership Brochures can be printed and distributed in your immediate circles.  Online memberships can be found at: https://www.northernwinorml.org/join/

Introductory Activist Guide and Membership Brochure


Print Your Own Support Pages

Wisconsin Specific:

Here is a pre-written signature support page for the active legislation in Wisconsin that you can print out, sign, and mail to your legislators. Or you can sign it and return it to any board member of a local NORML chapter in Wisconsin and we will collect them and make copies for both of your legislators and then present it to them along with a stack of other signed letters of support.

Places you can return the letter include Madison NORML meetings, SE WI NORML meetings and Northern Wisconsin NORML meetings and of course at the Annual Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest the first weekend in October in Madison.

Also, please feel free to print multiple copies and collect signed letters from friends, family, and strangers alike. The more support we can show our legislators, the more likely it is we can get medical marijuana in Wisconsin!

You can also snail mail completed signature support letters to us at Northern Wisconsin NORML, PO Box 542, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971.

Please click on the link below to bring up a pdf of the support letter:


Express your support for Federal Reform, available online:  Find out who represents you: