Michael Schraa from Oshkosh co-authors Republican medical marijuana legislation.

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Rep. Michael Schraa is a Republican from Oshkosh and we have been working in his district forever and a day … Read More

Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) Fall Survey

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Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) recently had a facbook post regarding his Fall Survey. The survey had a marijuana question on … Read More

Republicans Steineke, Murphy and Rohrkaste chime in on medical marijuana

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I archive these statements because marijuana reform is coming and we need to hold elected officials accountable. I read this … Read More

Senator Roger Roth rejects facts about marijuana

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10 years? Senator Roger Roth…..come on, even for you this is lame. Our organization has a printed publication entitled “Recent … Read More

Democrat Rep. Gordon Hintz statements about cannabis reform

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10/19/2018 OSHKOSH — State Rep. Gordon Hintz is facing his first unopposed election. The longtime Wisconsin politician, who has represented the 54th … Read More

Republican Michael Schraa 2018 campaign statement on marijuana reform

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The upcoming referendums will pass, we all know it. The “Cannabis Question” is being asked to all candidates and incumbents. … Read More

Senator Roger Roth 2018 Marijuana Statements

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We pushed hard a got referendums coming up and pretty much every major news source is asking candidates about marijuana … Read More

Information on Wisconsin County Marijuana Referendums in 2018

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This spring and summer have led up to a big month for cannabis legalization advisory referendums here in July.  There … Read More

Senator Roth ignores 20 years of marijuana data and insists on 10 more

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California went medical in 1996 Senator Roth, this is 2017. Your fuzzy math numbers and kicking the can a decade … Read More

Senator Roger Roth does not want to talk about marijuana until 2025

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Senator Roger Roth is so proud of blocking marijuana reform this is the only thing archived on his website: Balanced … Read More

Decriminalize Cannabis Petition Drive in Oshkosh

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Help is needed collecting signatures in Oshkosh NOW, deadline is Nov 6th, 2016.  Please contact Mark at 920 (251) 7986 … Read More

Response from Assembly Rep Michael Schraa about medical marijuana

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A field activist from Oshkosh forwarded this response from Rep. Schraa regarding medical marijuana reform in Wisconsin. Thank you for … Read More

WBAY News – Pre-Interview with Jay Selthofner at Oshkosh, WI Forum on the failed Drug War

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WBAY video of Jay Selthofner’s interview before the ACLU forum about the Drug War at the Oshkosh Library on February … Read More

Heads vs. Feds: The Debate to Legalize Marijuana comes to UW-Oshkosh and UW-Fox Valley

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Heads vs. Feds: The Debate to Legalize Marijuana comes to UW-Oshkosh and UW-Fox Valley Wednesday, April 11th Heads v. Feds … Read More

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