Winnebago County Marijuana Referendum for Nov 2020 gains traction
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Winnebago County Marijuana Referendum for Nov 2020 gains traction

Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

We will keep you posted when Winnebago County will have a meeting on this referendum. It will first need to pass through the Legislative Committee meeting, and if it passes, go to the County Board as a whole to ratify it on the ballot. It may be a Zoom meeting.

Share this with your partners and constituents of Winnebago County! Here is link to all the contact information regarding the Winnebago County Board supervisors. Write and or call them offering support:

Here is an update from the Facebook page of Brian Defferding – Winnebago County Board District 6:

The potential question and wording is as follows:

Question: Cannabis Should:
(Please select only one of the alternatives below or your vote will be invalid)

_______(a) Be legal for recreational use for adults 21 years of age and older, and legal for medical use, taxed and regulated similar to alcohol.
______(b) Be legal for medical purposes only.
______(c) Remain a criminally illegal drug as provided under current law.
______(d) None of the above.

If you live in Winnebago County but do not want to contact your county board member directly, you can still help by signing the petition below. The board members of our chapter that live in Winnebago County will deliver the petition and continue to work on your behalf for the support of marijuana reform.