Registration for Webinar on June 30th
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Registration for Webinar on June 30th

About this Webinar:

It’s easy to see that current cannabis laws and regulations are out of date, overly-restrictive, bad for consumers, and bad for businesses. Fortunately, changing policy is all about shifting people’s perspective of cannabis, and that’s something you can do.

Join NORML Founder Keith Stroup, NORML Development Director Jenn Michelle Pedini, and Green Flower CEO Max Simon, for a powerful webinar that will give you 7 strategies for effectively changing people’s minds about cannabis and influencing policy.

Whether you’re already a cannabis advocate or professional, or you’re simply a legalization supporter that would like to get more involved, this will help you give you concrete steps to break down barriers, turn opposers into supporters, and open up safe access for all.


  • 7 communication strategies that will ensure people hear and understand your positive message about cannabis
  • 4 big mistakes cannabis advocates make when talking about cannabis that immediately turn others away
  • The 6 widely supported legalization concepts to highlight when you speak about cannabis
  • The history of cannabis advocacy and what got us this far
  • Exact steps you can take now to support cannabis acceptance and legalization no matter where you live

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