Saint Of The Green
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Saint Of The Green

Saint Of The Green

Some people celebrate this religious holiday by the wearing of the green.
Some people celebrate this religious holiday by the drinking of the green.
Some people celebrate this religious holiday by the smoking of the green.
So why on St. Patrick’s Day is all this done and whatever does it mean?

See Patrick was enslaved as a teenager in Ireland and this was no funny joke
and GOD spoke to him in a dream to flee his chains and head out for the coast,
a ship awaited and thus he boarded to Britain which completed his questly flee
there he studied his religious FAITH then one Day he was ordained a holy priest.

Patrick returned again to Ireland the land that once held him as a common slave
to speak GODS WORD through Christianity helping lost souls to find their way,
he used a green shamrock to explain the Trinity which is a shared part of his FAITH
interesting how a little green plant helped others understand living life a better way.

Hemp has many uses
Hemp has many uses

Another green plant called Cannabis is also part of a dynamic teaching criteria
NORML and others use this leaf representing its many uses down throughout the millenia’s,
medicinal, environmental, textiles, fuel, clothing, food and jobs just to name a few
are the many industrious wondrous things this little green plant can safely sustainably do.

Just as St. Patrick worked at changing the practices of Ireland’s practicing pagan minds
NORML and others do the same by working to change the worlds political governing minds,
by raising awareness of unjust laws that affect the lives of those that are stricken gravely ill
and those choosing Cannabis over the liquid drug alcohol of which bellies get daily filled.

St. Patrick’s Day Logo

St. Patrick’s Day is a Day for prayer offering and spiritual renewal for all believers worldwide
let’s embrace our spirit of compassion offering petitions and phone calls to legislators worldwide,
raising awareness to all political systems that oppose Medical Marijuana for those hurting now still
teaching others through a medicinal green plant shouting its benefits high upon all the lighted hills.

St. Patrick drove proverbial snakes out of Ireland saving everyone giving them a safe path in life
so let’s drive out the real snakes in politics opposing Medical Cannabis for sick lives struggling in strife,
whether you wear the green or drink it down or smoke it to remember on this religious St. Patrick’s holiday
let’s not forget those who’ve died never partaking in the green for their time on Earth ran out along the way.


Randall Paul Prazuch
Copyright © 2012
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