Drug war editorial indicates a patient approach more effective than criminal enforcement
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Drug war editorial indicates a patient approach more effective than criminal enforcement

Howard Wooldridge is back in the news with one of the first editorials of the year.   A slogan of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.) is one that is needed to be heard, read and spoke throughout Wisconsin.  “Drug Abuse is Bad, but the Drug War is Worse!” Mr. Wooldridge is not only a former cop, but also a drug policy specialist with Citizens Opposing Prohibition (COP) and has been making some news in Wisconsin with his recent editorials, this one printed in the Wisconsin State Journal and giving his professional prospective on the situation in Wisconsin.

Regarding Wednesday’s article “Heroin abuse, deaths on the rise,” as a retired police officer, I am familiar with drug overdose and death.
As a traveler, I have met with doctors and officials in Switzerland to see first-hand the success of their method of handling heroin.
Since 1994 they have treated heroin use as a medical issue and have been rewarded with dramatic decreases in crime, and no one in the program has died of an overdose in 16 years. This model has been adopted by Germany, Denmark and Holland because it works.
The American model of treating drug addicts as criminals (except for those addicted to alcohol and cigarettes) has not worked in decades, despite a trillion tax dollars spent.
Know that my colleagues, such as Madison Police Chief Noble Wray, will always advocate locking abusers up as it provides solid job security and overtime for his officers.

I am looking forward to reading more from this gentleman in the near future and will be sharing his prospective and information with my elected officials and community leaders.  You can read more from Howard Wooldridge on his blog at http://www.citizensopposingprohibition.org/blog-home/.  I have saw a couple versions of the famous T-shirt “Cops Says Legalize Drugs! Ask me why?” and here is a great way to support their organization and get a personalized shirt.

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