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Debut Novel Anarcho Grow by T.A. Sedlak expected to be A New Voice For The Young

Debut Novel Anarcho Grow by T.A. Sedlak expected to be A New Voice For The Young

Anarcho Grow Cover Art


There’s soon to be a new book floating around college campuses that will be the must read for all students. The book is Anarcho Grow, T.A. Sedlak’s debut novel.

Taking a page, or rather, a cover page, from fellow favorite author of college students, Tom Robbins, T.A. Sedlak hired Les LePere to create what could be the flashiest cover in any bookstore. It looks like a conglomeration of the best parts of one’s photos after a vacation to Costa Rica. It’s intricate with things hidden behind each leaf and tree. One can become lost in it for days.

The writing holds one enough that it won’t take more than a few days to get through it. The story’s protagonist had done volunteer work in a small village in Costa Rica when in college. After college he returns, thinking he can help the people more by introducing them to guerrilla growing, clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation similar to the method used in Northern California. The marijuana is being shipped back to the States by way of catamaran boat when the C.I.A. catches wind and is soon on his trail. All this has transpired before the reader opens the book, leaving a quick suspenseful run to the finish.

T.A.’s Anarcho Grow doesn’t contain the flowery prose of Tom Robbins’s novels. It’s straight diction as prescribed by William Strunk and E.B. White. However, it’s not necessarily the language that captivates young people with Robbins’s books. It’s the exotic settings, illegal activities, romantic heroes, and views on society that one can’t find elsewhere. Anarcho Grow is bound to find a place between Breakfast of Champions and Even Cowgirls Get The Blues on college kids’ shelves.

Source: Anarcho Grow PressKit