Misinformation about marijuana in Halloween candy

Do you remember trick or treating as a child and seeing alcohol passed out freely by parents to other parents or is that just a Wisconsin thing? I also remember hearing not to eat candy until we got home so our parents could inspect them for drugs and tampering. That could have been just to help parents take some of the good stuff, be it candy or drugs. (Just kidding Mom and Dad).

Main stream media continually reports about the potential danger about marijuana candies being passed out to children during Halloween year after year. Main stream media could do us all a favor by a return to journalism and report on some real issues surrounding this holiday.

So what is the real danger?

The facts are clear. The actual threat to children during Halloween? Being hit by a car.

No One Wants to Give Your Kids Free Marijuana Edibles

National NORML covered the issue in an article with the above headline as the title. The article makes sense. No one is giving out edibles to children as Halloween candy. Given the average cost of a one dose edible can range from around ten to twenty five dollars it would not only be idiotic and wrong, it would also be incredibly expensive. There have never been any widespread reports of this happening in the real world, only in the minds of ratings-crazed newsrooms and fear-mongering prohibitionists.

The Halloween tale of marijuana handed out to trick-or-treaters is as real as a ghost story.

Telling parents to fear that their kids might be handed an expensive edible is just another way to make marijuana and its users the boogeyman says an op-ed for NBC News by Journalist Simon Moyer-Smith covered the issue in great depth, the take away can easily be.

“Halloween, of course, is a time of fear: ghouls, goblins, haunted houses and the sheer volume of leftover candy that will be around to tempt you. But it’s not a time to stoke fear about things that aren’t based in evidence and truth — and definitely not a time to demonize marijuana yet again.

So fear demons, drunk drivers and Dum Dums, but there’s no need to fear that edibles will be given out willy-nilly to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.”

YES WI CAN stop the refer madness in Wisconsin by stopping the spread of misinformation and myths about cannabis. If you see misinformation, say something to correct it.

Only you can put the ACT in Activism and that is no ghost story. Volunteer today.

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