Citizen Input need for City of Oshkosh Decriminalization

On the Agenda, lower the fine to $75 for marijuana possession.

We all know that activists collected enough thousands of valid signatures from City of Oshkosh residents to lower the fine to $25, they actually did that twice. Thank you and RIP Mark Kelderman for the past work and continuing to inspire activism yet today.

Must register before meeting (registration on site prior to meeting is available) to speak in support of lower the fine.  You can add that you would like to the city remove the fine for personal possession or make the fine zero (0) dollars.  Cities such has Sturgeon Bay, Monona and Madison have already moved to a zero fine for possession, the city of Milwaukee is next!

Municipalities have the power to regulate marijuana possession by the state of Wisconsin via statue 66.0107 Power of municipalities to prohibit criminal conduct. Municipalities (Cities, Towns and Villages) can pass resolutions supporting cannabis reform and place non-binding referendum on local ballots. – source

The next meeting will be August 24th, 2021 with a vote expected to be held on September 14th, 2021. We will update our Calendar of Events as more details become available.

Right now, the wheels are in motion and really we need citizens of the great City of Oshkosh to just do one thing, email the Oshkosh City Council with your support for this measure.

Email your city council member now!

You can email all City Council members at one time using the Oshkosh City Council page here:

Latest news about the move: 



If you cannot attend these upcoming city council meetings or if you cannot email your city council members or if you cannot call and talk to your city council members and still want to support this, we have created a petition for you to sign. It is also fine to sign the petition even if you have also contacted the council directly. Share this with those who care!

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  1. An update from City Council Member Aaron Wojciechowski:


    The Council Meeting will be at the Oshkosh Convention Center (2 N. Main Street). The public may appear in person or may participate remotely as provided below. This meeting will also be available live on Gov TV in the City of Oshkosh, live streamed on, live on WOCT radio station 101.9 FM, live through Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick. You may also view the meeting later on and the Oshkosh Media You Tube channel.

    The City of Oshkosh is also providing citizens the opportunity to speak to the Council and to comment on individual agenda items with the ability to appear remotely or to submit written comments. Written comments will be distributed to the Council and made part of the public record of the meeting.

    ? To Join Meeting Virtually From Website or Phone ?
    Meeting Number: 2551 710 9384
    Password: 44496774
    Phone: 1-510-338-9438 Access code: 2551 710 9384

    ? To Register to Speak ? -or- Connect Oshkosh App

    ? To Send Email or Written Correspondence to Council ?
    Mail addressed to the City Manager – or –
    Place in City Hall Dropbox – or – (prior to Council Meeting)

    If anyone requires other reasonable accommodation, please contact the office of the City
    Manager at, phone 920-236-5002.

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