Press Conference: Building Unity for Just Budget

I spoke and testified at public hearings in the past. The last time we had a public hearing on medical marijuana in Wisconsin was over eleven (11) years ago. Wisconsin had a pretty good chance to pass medical marijuana legislation in the 2019-20 legislative cycle. Governor Tony Evers proposed both medical marijuana and decriminalization in that budget. Republicans gutted anything marijuana or cannabis related from the budget.

Republican leadership and Republican key committee chairs withheld several bills from even a public hearing, including a medical marijuana start up bill vetted by the Republican Caucus.

Still, the landscape in politics does change and coming off an election we can see which of our newly elected official stands up for our rights and which ones do not. Do not give up the fight! That is why I wrote an article entitled “Keep Bud in the Budget and Make Marijuana a Priority” in November of 2020.

Building Unity, A non-partisan multi-organizational project with the goal of building a well-organized united movement for peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy. The coalition wants to create opportunities to collaborate and focus on common needs and aspirations, which included the regulation and taxation of cannabis as a budget recommendation to Governor Evers for the 2021-22 Wisconsin Budget.

I recently testified about cannabis reform, legalization and taxation of marijuana at the Building Unity press conference and public hearing on February 4th, 2021 for a “Just Budget”. I archived the video of the conference below. I spoke at the 20:45 mark.

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  1. It is truly heartbreaking that they are more than willing to contribute to the delinquency of a minor with their beloved money maker legal gateway drug alcohol, but they refuse to allow us the right to preserve our families health the best and safest way we see fit. I was hooked on their beloved, overly accessible gateway drug at the age of 11yrs old to cope with being repeatedly sexually molested as a child. After being allowed extremely easy access to their beloved money maker, I was instantly hooked. It made me forget about everything, it made me feel it was OK, due to them shoving it down our throats since birth here in wisconsin. I mean dang, they even let the tavern league run and ruin this once great state. Now a safe haven for alcoholic drug addicts. So after having so much overly accessible alcohol everywhere around me and utterly consuming my entire life since 11yrs old(26yrs of being addicted to their drug), I am left but a shell of the once outgoing, extremely athletic boy I once was. Now, after damage to my brain from their beloved drug, irreversible neurological nerve damage from their drug, gatewayed into using every drug under the sun because of their drug, and lost everything good in my life because of their beloved money maker legal gateway drug, I got SOBER! 3+yrs now!! Not because of the alcohol treatment that failed me, because of my brief use of the (in my eyes) a miracle plant from God that could help me heal from the damage forced upon us as children by our so called protectors of our state. But since it is banished here in alcohol country, I am forced to live in crippling pain. It is truly heartbreaking and devastating that all of my hopes and dreams aswell as my health were robbed from me due to them choosing the “alcohol and pills for all” motto here in wisconsin. Glad to see they are passing even more bills to allow even easier access to alcohol and cheaper pills, but they still fail to man up and attempt to rectify the permanent life shattering damage that they have forced on us ever since we were small, impressionable, innocent children. Nice to see you will contribute to our delinquency as minors, and then crush our lives by jailing, suppressing our right to a better quality of life, deny us the right to preserve our health from the damage you have all forced upon us for financial gains. It’s truly horrifying that you continue to aid in the delinquency of minor, aid in the fueling of the alcohol epidemic that is burning this state to the ground, aid in the heroin epidemic by keeping cannabis illegal, BUT YOU REFUSE to allow us to use a plant, that will help deal with and sometimes help reverse the life altering damage you have intentionally done to us with alcohol since birth. suppressed and depressed is how wisconsin likes us all I guess! My ptsd and health issues are not going away anytime soon. Would be wonderful if you could quit kicking us while we are down, and reach out a hand and help us fix the damage that was forced on us as children by your misguided hearts. God bless and may he look after your families in these current times of terror attacks and conspiracies. Lend us your hand and pull us up. We don’t deserve to be kicked down anymore by you all. God bless

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