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Wisconsin 2021-22 State Assembly and Senate marijuana support graphs

Continuing to digest the election on the Wisconsin state level and I have a rough draft of the 33 Senators and 99 Assembly Representatives stances on recreational and medical marijuana (with and without home grows).

I am going to use a Graph / Infograph that will be alive throughout the entire legislative session and subject to change(s) as the legislative session progresses so we can see the status / current breakdown / percentage of support on the issue at any given time.

There are a few still unknowns, uncommitted and incumbents on the fence about sponsoring bill(s) also. Check back often as the legislative process for 2021-22 is just beginning.

The Republican Caucus has selected their leadership for the upcoming law making cycle and are will be in the majority on the committees that oversee marijuana reform. Democratic Leadership positions are also set in place also. Right now the budget process begins and you can help keep BUD in the budget through Governor Evers People’s Budget Process. The Joint Finance Committee Members consist of 16 members and only one (1) of those members on this committee has ever co-sponsored legislation to legalize adult use marijuana in Wisconsin and the Republican Majority on the JFC has indicated that marijuana reform will again be removed from the Wisconsin Budget.

I have also listed the Senators and Assembly Representatives by individual name and stance on cannabis reform, along with their other occupations/professions/careers. View those names and blogs here: Senate Members / Assembly Members

Since it appears that marijuana reform will be removed from the budget, stand alone legislation is also planned for the 2021-22 legislative session. The first bill introduced was a state level decriminalization bill that has broad bi-partisan support. Learn more about the decriminalization bill here, sign in support of decriminalization below and watch for medical marijuana legislation to be introduced early this session.

LAST UPDATED: 04-09-2021

Wisconsin State Senate

Wisconsin State Senate Marijuana Reform Support by Jay Selthofner


Wisconsin State Assembly

Wisconsin State Assembly Marijuana Reform Support by Jay Selthofner


With public support for reforming marijuana laws at an all time high, we request key Senate and Assembly allies to form the first-ever Wisconsin Cannabis Caucus to develop and promote sensible cannabis policy reform, work to reform state cannabis laws and make marijuana a priority for Wisconsin!

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  1. We need to catch up to the rest of the states that have progressed into the future. Let’s get it together wisconsin

  2. Stupid people with little brains running from legal pot. If pot is so bad why have you not stopped the bad drug from being on every block in our State. Becouse its harmless and you already know that. so why dont you stupid fuck heads due what we want . the people of this State. JUST REMEMBER, we employ your stupid asses. So give us what we want. NOT WHAT THE
    HELL YOU WANT. Its not about you , its about us . we the people.

  3. This should be up to the people to decide!!! We cannot vote for select candidates we have to vote red or blue which is bullshit!! We the people in Wisconsin are getting screwed. Tourists are going to states where it’s legal we are losing money there too. Not to mention Wisconsinites going to surrounding states to buy it. The people don’t want to be part of the Wisconsin weed trap!!

  4. Legal marijuana for medical use is an obvious solution to pain, for so many of us. It will be an enormous resource for the state and it will prevent addiction to opioids, usually prescribed for severe pain, like mine.
    The state will have funds, like never before. Have you seen Denver lately? That city looks so refreshing and new, hence the benefits for all.
    Please think about the enormous population that would benefit from legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin.

  5. Latest update 4-9-2021.. refresh your browser if you been here before… the support charts and graphs have changed again.. one Republican Senator (Roth) and two Republican Assembly Rep (Brooks and Tauchen) were moved from the “Opposed” column to “limited medical”.

    One unknown/committed Republican Assembly Rep (Callahan) was moved into the “opposed” category.

    If we assume the 7 Democratic incumbents in the assembly that have not sponsored any bills ever as supporters for adult use, the support graph for Adult Use/Medical in the Assembly would have higher support then the prohibitionists votes in the Assembly….. just saying….. we should see at least 7 new names as co-sponsors this session with these people alone, not to mention the newly elected officials.

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