Growing Support for Medical Marijuana
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Republican State Assembly Candidates – 2020 Cannabis Support Summary


Growing Support for Medical Marijuana
Growing Support for Marijuana Reform in the GOP

*Shae Sortwell (R – WI) Assembly District 2 Incumbent

Angel Sanchez (R – WI) AD 8

Orlando Owens (R – WI) AD 11

Abie Eisenbach (R – WI) AD 17

Helmut Fritz (R – WI) AD 19

*Clint Moses (R – WI) AD 29

Beth Drew (R – WI) AD 43

Terry Lyon (R – WI) AD 46

Phil Anderson (R – WI) AD 47

Samuel Anderson (R – WI) AD 48

Donny Herman (R – WI) AD 54

*Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R – WI) AD 55

Eric Beach (R – WI) AD 57

Will Leverson (R – WI) AD 66

Patrick Hull (R – WI) AD 76

Victoria Fueger (R – WI) AD 79

Chase Binnie (R – WI) AD 80

*denotes winner of 2020 General Election

Source: 2020 National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Smoke the Vote Project and Election Information on Northern Wisconsin NORML website.

With all Ninety-nine (99) Assembly Seats up for re-election every two years it looks like the GOP attracted 92 candidates. I did notice less Libertarian candidates then usually and some Libertarian familiar names running red this time. Overall the total of seventeen (17) candidates in the Republican Caucus probably is not enough support to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin, but it helps! Of course due to gerrymandering it is highly unlikely that all these candidates will take the seat and they admit it in their campaigns, but that did not stop them from running.

We examined the Democrat Assembly candidates also and 10 Incumbent candidates are a great number, which most almost certain a legalization bill will see the light of day in the 2021-22 session. With sixty-two (62) candidates (out of 86 total) in the Democratic party running on or supporting ending prohibition and allowing the adult use of cannabis in Wisconsin, it is a sure sign that the caucus should take the issue with high priority.

No matter the results of the upcoming election, marijuana reform is going to be an ongoing issue in Wisconsin for years to come. To address the comprehensive nature of marijuana laws, we need legislators who sponsored the various bills throughout the 2019-20 session to work together towards sensible cannabis reform. Please sign and share the petition below help accomplish our collective goals.

Republican State Assembly Candidates by Jay Selthofner
GOP Candidates Embracing Medical Cannabis
GOP Candidates Embracing Medical Cannabis

When it comes to medical marijuana, the GOP candidates score much higher.

43 Republican Candidates total expressed some sort of support of medical cannabis in the 2020 election cycle. Well, 44 if you count Rep. Robin Vos, but his words are lip service and we do not really consider anything he says truthful…. so we are going with 43.

So the 17 Republican candidates above calling for legalization are joining another 26 Republican candidates when it comes to medical cannabis reform. This is a sure sign the the Republican Party is changing and must address the issue within their caucus with high priority, especially with 19 of these Republicans being Incumbents.

Here are the GOP Medical Cannabis Candidates (In addition to the ones listed above as legalization candidates)

DuWayne Severson (R – WI)
Tawny Gustina (R – WI)
Ed Hibsch (R – WI)
*Donna Rozar (R – WI)
David Dahlke (R – WI)
Drew Kirsteatter (R – WI)
Charlie Walker (R – WI)

*Joel Kitchens (R – WI)
*Ron Tusler (R – WI)
*David Steffen (R – WI)
*Paul Tittl (R – WI)
*Shannon Zimmerman (R – WI)
*Amy Loudenbeck (R – WI)
*John Jagler (R – WI)
*Mark Born (R – WI)
*Jon Plumer (R – WI)
*Todd Novak (R – WI)
*Michael Schraa (R – WI)
*Dave Murphy (R – WI)
*Rob Summerfield (R – WI)
*Jesse James (R – WI)
*Scott Krug (R – WI)
*Patrick Snyder (R – WI)
*James Edming (R – WI)
*John Macco (R – WI)
*Cindi Duchow (R – WI)

*denotes winner of 2020 General Election

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