Jason Egger


Jason Egger (NORML Nox) is the Assistant Director of Northern Wisconsin NORML, and a Field Activist in Winnebago County.

He focuses on video content creation and maintains our Youtube Channel.

He is an MMJ activist and recreational usage advocate.

Jason joined the chapter in 2012 when we moved our meetings to Appleton. His enthusiasm propelled him to be noticed by the current board, and offered a nomination to a place holder position on the board. Later he was voted in by the membership as the Assistant Director.

Jason has worked to set up, record and edit our monthly meetings, something he has diligently continued to do since joining. He has participated in events ranging from the professional Answers to Energy Expo to small awareness campaigns at local music events.

His opinions on Medical Marijuana come from the perspective of a patient in favor of legalization and decriminalization for all patients. His opinion of Recreational usage is the same. Jason is quoted saying “Responsible usage by an adult who does not endanger others or themselves should be a fundamental right. And I will fight for your right….”

With your support, our organization can continue.

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