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Upcoming deadline for voter registration October 14th

As you know election day is coming up quickly and there certainly is a lot at stake.

The resources to ensure that you have a say in shaping the future of Wisconsin and ensure you know where candidates for office stand when it comes to marijuana policy reform are just clicks away.

The deadline to register to vote online and by mail in Wisconsin is October 14, only three days away.

If you miss the October 14 deadline, you can still register in person until October 30, or on Election Day on November 3.

It is crucial that your voter registration is current prior to the deadline or else you may not be able to participate so NORML with our friends at HeadCount, made it really, REALLY easy for you to check your registration or get registered.

Register to Vote
Register to Vote

After you have checked out your registration status, it is time to ensure you’re voting for a candidate that represents YOU when it comes to supporting marijuana policy reform! Check out NORML’s Smoke the Vote database for a comprehensive guide on candidates running for office near you and their stance on marijuana.

Smoke the Vote
Smoke the Vote – How did your elected official score?

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