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Terry Lyon (R) Cannabis Campaign Statements

BIO: I was born in Madison to a single mother and my father was killed when I was 3. My mother and I lived in Madison for 8 years, we moved to Milwaukee and lived there for about 4 years. My mom got cancer and I moved to Columbus, shortly my mom lost her battle with her cancer. I attended junior and high school in Columbus. I graduated in 1988. I’ve worked in manufacturing pretty much my whole life, I have been at my current job (Sub-Zero) for 21 years. I am on my second term as union committee member and first term on the Executive board for local 565 Sheet Metal Works 565. I am one of the five founding members of the Dane County Libertarian Party, and I am on my second none-consecutive term. My wife and I have six children, three grandchildren. We love the outdoors hiking, camping, shooting, horse riding.

Terry Lyon (R)
Terry Lyon (R)

Campaign 2020: Terry Lyon (R) Sun Prairie – 46th Assembly District (MAP)

On September 15, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed Terry Lyon (R-Sun Prairie) who is running for the 46th Assembly District in the upcoming general election.

In the interview at 6:20, Terry Lyon begins to address the multiple reasons why he supports ending prohibition of cannabis for use by responsible adults.

Highlights in the interview are

He would like to see “no taxes” as the constitution does not allow the governement to own a plant.

He talks about the racial disparity for prosecution of a plant.

“It is just a plant” and he closes out touching on some civil liberties issues surrounding the cannabis plant.

He spends about 2 minutes discussing it and it is worth the listen below.

Learn more about the campaign of Terry Lyon by following it on facebook and visiting his website.

General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

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