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Charles Walker (R) to challenge Jodi Emerson (D) for AD 91

Assembly District 91 (Map) in Eau Claire County, mostly the city of Eau Claire.

Eau Claire County 2018 Referendum:

“Should cannabis:”

  • 54% – Be legal for adult, 21years of age and older, recreational or medical use, taxed and regulated like alcohol, with the proceeds from the taxes used for education, healthcare, and infrastructure in Wisconsin?
  • 31% – Be legal for medical purposes only and available only by prescription through a medical dispensary?
  • 15% – Remain a criminally illegal drug as provided under current law?
Charlie Walker (R)
Charlie Walker (R)

On September 16, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed Charlie Walker (R-Eau Claire) who is running for the 91st Assembly District in the upcoming general election.

For being a jobs and tourism guy, Charlie Walker does not mention or associate marijuana reform with this items, instead… he associates marijuana with huffing and meth? He “thinks” he could support medical marijuana, but the devil is in the details.

Watch and listen to him speak at 9:16 about the marijuana.

Follow him on facebook and visit his website.


Jodi Emerson (D) Marijuana Rating
Jodi Emerson (D) Marijuana Rating

As a freshman Democrat in the Assembly, Rep. Emerson stood out as a sponsor of the Adult Use/Medical combination bill we know as “Legalize Marijuana – Legalize Opportunity”.  She also sponsored the Decriminalization bill that entered the legislation session late this year.   We thank her for her support on the issue and are happy to issue a solid A grade for this Eau Claire area representative.

Holds office State Assembly District 91

Sponsored Legislation

AB 220 Adult Use / Medical Combo


Contact Email: Rep.Emerson@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2019/legislators/assembly/1939

Phone: 608-266-7461


General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

Learn more about how to register to vote at https://norml.org/act/register-to-vote or MyVote.wi.gov

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

Register to Vote
Register to Vote

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