Arndt (D) vs Plumer (R)
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Melisa Arndt (D) to challenge Jon Plumer (R) for AD 42

Arndt (D) vs Plumer (R)
Arndt (D) vs Plumer (R)

Assembly District 42 (MAP) consists of parts of Marquette, Fond du Lac, Dodge and most of Columbia Counties.


Melisa Arndt (D) Marijuana Rating
Melisa Arndt (D) Marijuana Rating

On September 14, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed Melisa Arndt (D-Rio) who is running for the 42nd Assembly District in the upcoming general election.

At the the 6:28 mark, she addressed she is a nurse and she is actually supports both medical and recreational. She says marijuana is already here in Wisconsin and we are so behind in the this state, the tax revenue off sales also is a reason to talk about it. She uses the term ‘ridiculous’ that the issue has not been brought up in the legislature.

The ‘marijuana portion of the interview’ is about a minute long, just click the video below and watch it as it is all cued up and ready to go:

Her campaign has completed the 2020 NORML Candidate Survey, indicating support for the key items addressed and support for Assembly Bill 220. Her campaign was awarded an A+ grade.

Learn more about Melissa Arndt by following her campaign on facebook and visiting her website.


Jon Plumer (R) - Marijuana Record
Jon Plumer (R) – Marijuana Record

Rep. Plumer is a sponsor of the Republican attempt at marijuana reform, Assembly Bill 750 Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program. 

As a freshman Republican, his own 2019 GOP Spring Survey showed over 70% support for medical marijuana.

Although introduced late in the session, AB 1004 to decriminalize 10 grams or less of marijuana to a fine did not attract enough attention for Rep. Plumer to co-sponsor it.

He could have received a higher grade, but as Chair of Committee on Substance Abuse and Prevention he failed to recognize that medical marijuana could help and prevent substance abuse, a term we all know as harm reduction.  

Co-sponsored Legislation: 2019 Assembly Bill 750 Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program (No smoking products and no home grows)

Comments: His own 2019 GOP Spring Survey Results 70.5% supported medical marijuana

On September 1, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed incumbent Rep. Jon Plumer (R-Lodi) who is running for re-election for the 42nd Assembly District in the upcoming general election.

At the 4:50 mark Plumer says he “is not a fan” of recreational marijuana. He also address that marijuana reform is coming and spoke breifly about his support of a limited medical marijuana bill he co-sponsored last session. Less then a minute on the subject, watch for yourself:

Contact Jon Plumer: Email:


Phone: 608-266-3404

General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

Learn more about how to register to vote at or

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

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