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Leroy Brown (I) 94th Assembly District Candidate Cannabis Statement

The 94th Assembly District (MAP) is primarily La Crosse County with portions of the City of La Crosse gerrymandered into the district. In 2018, La Crosse County held a referendum on adult use of marijuana that passed by 63%. In July 2020 the City of La Crosse lowered the municipal ordinance fine to $1 and raised the possession limit from 7 grams to 25 grams.

We heard from the Incumbent in the past, many times…. and the Republican challenger is silent on the issue besides for a NO vote as a county board member to the above mentioned referendum…. so let’s ‘highlight’ the Independent in the race.

Leroy Brown (Ind) Marijuana Rating
Leroy Brown (Ind) Marijuana Rating

Leroy Brown (I – West Salem) is the Independent Candidate on the Nov 3rd ticket.

On September 14, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters will interviewed Leroy Brown (I-West Salem) who is running for the 94th Assembly District in the upcoming general election.

Although Leroy Brown did not provide a completed candidate survey form, we thought it important to know his stance on cannabis reform and to hear it in his own words. Leroy Brown was awarded an A rating from NORML.

Learn more about his campaign by following it on facebook.

94th Assembly District Candidate Scorecards
94th Assembly District Candidate Scorecards


Leroy Brown is challenging Incumbent Steve Doyle (D). Rep. Doyle received a C- rating from NORML for the current legislative session.

So in researching this we wondered why Rep. Doyle did not sponsor anything and found a few news article about Rep. Doyle and marijuana reform in his area.

June 2018: Onalaska Assemblyman Steve Doyle doubts that a La Crosse County marijuana referendum would change the minds of any legislative leaders in Madison.


July 2018: Doyle previously opposed the marijuana question because he was worried it would distract from the more important question of how to fund upkeep of the county road system. After hearing from a lot of Democrats who wanted him to support the ballot measure, he decided to seek some balance from the other side of the aisle.

In all fairness and to close out, we do believe Doyle supports medical marijuana, as Rep. Doyle was a past co-sponsor of the medical marijuana bill in 2017. He also voted YES as a board member to allow the La Crosse 2018 Marijuana Recreational Referendum. We do not know if he supports recreational marijuana, but 63% of La Crosse County supported adult use in the 2018 referendum.


Kevin Hoyer (Facebook / Website)is the Republican on the ticket. We know in June of 2018 Kevin Hoyer as a county board supervisor voted against the La Crosse County marijuana referendum. We also know that Kevin Hoyer did not respond to the most recent candidate questionnaire. And we know why he received a failing grade from NORML.

General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

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