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WI Election Commission Offers Tips for Voting

With the November election just a little more than two months away, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) released some tips and important dates to keep in mind to make sure everyone who wants to cast a ballot is able to.

First, you don’t have to wait to register to vote or request an absentee ballot. Visit or call your local municipal clerk to register and/or request an absentee ballot. 

September 1st: The WEC will be mailing information about voting in November to approximately 2.6 million registered Wisconsin voters who have not already requested an absentee ballot. The information packet will include an absentee request form and a postage-paid reply envelope. 

September 17th:  This is the deadline for Wisconsin’s city, village and town clerks to mail absentee ballots for November 3 to registered voters with requests on file. 

October 14th:  This is the deadline to register to vote by mail or online.   October 15th to November 1st, 2020:  If you still haven’t registered to vote, you can do so at your municipal clerk’s office.

October 20th:  The first day that municipal clerks may offer in-person absentee voting in their office or at another designated polling place.  Please visit the WEC website  to find your municipal clerk office’s contact information and learn more about absentee voting in-person. 

October 27th:  This is the realistic date by which voters should return their mail absentee ballots to their municipal clerk’s office. The US Postal Service recommends allowing one week for your completed absentee ballot to be delivered to your municipal clerk’s office.  If you don’t get your ballot in the mail by October 27th, consider dropping it off at your clerk’s office instead. 

October 29th:  The legal deadline for most voters to request an absentee ballot by mail.  The WEC believes it is unlikely that requests made this late can be received and returned to be counted on Election Day. 

October 30th:  This is the final day to register to vote at your municipal clerk’s office.

November 1st:  This is the last day that municipal clerks may offer in-person absentee voting in their office or a satellite location, but most clerks only offer absentee voting in their office until Friday, October 30. Check with your municipal clerk to make sure you know when they’re open. 

November 3rd:  Election Day! Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and voters who are returning an absentee ballot to their polling place must get it there by 8 p.m.  


Register to Vote
Register to Vote

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