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Stafsholt (R) and Link (R) Battle Primary to Face Schachtner (D) in Senate 10

The 10th District of the Wisconsin Senate The 10th District of the Wisconsin Senate is located in Western Wisconsin, and is composed of parts of Burnett, Polk, St. Croix, Pierce and Dunn Counties. (MAP)

Primary Election August 11, 2020

Republican Candidates

Rep. Rob Stafsholt Marijuana Record
Rep. Rob Stafsholt Marijuana Record

We spoke with Sharlene from his office on January 3rd, 2020 and she indicated that Rep. Stafsholt has not taken a “hard stance” on anything marijuana reform and will not be co-sponsoring any marijuana legislation this session.  His office would only say “he looks forward to hearing the issue during a public hearing”.

Although past news articles have quoted Rep. Stafsholt as “supporting” medical marijuana and decriminalization, he has failed to sponsor any legislation on the issue and has given contradicting statements on medical marijuana according to news archives below.  NORML assigned him a grade him a C grade during the 2019-20 legislative session.

Rep. Stafsholt has announced he is running for Senate.

Holds office State Assembly District 29

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization: Rep. Rob Stafsholt, R-New Richmond, said he backed a measure from former legislator Adam Jarchow to legalize (decriminalize) recreational pot and that he still supports that concept.

“I have no problem with it,” he said, adding that pursuing low-level marijuana offenses is “not always the best use of resources for folks.”

Position on Medical Marijuana: He supports “medical marijuana” as Republican Incumbent in candidate forums in October 2018.

and then in Feb 2019 Stafsholt said he’s still not sure about medical marijuana, though other lawmakers said they’re comfortable with it.

Contact Rob Stafsholt

Email: Rep.Stafsholt@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/29/Stafsholt

Phone: 608-266-7683

On July 13, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed Rob Stafsholt (R-New Richmond) who is running for the 10th Senate District in the upcoming partisan primary election.

In the interview Stafsholt gives the “open to medical marijuana” and hints supporting the Republican version of medical marijuana; on recreational says law enforcement is opposed to it, and from his opinion they need to have a device to test for impairment (driving).


On July 14, 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed Cherie Link (R-Somerset) who is running for the 10th Senate District in the upcoming partisan primary election.

Cherie Link says the medically she can see the benefit, but on recreational, she shares her background as foster care provider and thinks it is a “gateway” and “doing a science experiment on our kids in legal states”.

General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

The winner of the Republican Primary will face Incumbent Senator Patty Schachtner (D). Senator Schachtner received a B grade from NORML during the 2019-20 Legislative Session.

Senator Patty Schachtner Marijuana Record
Senator Patty Schachtner Marijuana Record

We will keep you updated if any candidate answers our 2020 NORML Candidate Questionnaire, but I think we learned a great deal already.

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Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information
Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

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