DeTemple vs Fitzgerald Marijuana Positions
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Congressional District 5 Republican Primary: Fitzgerald vs DeTemple

Primary Election August 11, 2020

 Republican Party Candidates

Wisconsin’s 5th Congressional District includes Jefferson and Washington counties and parts of Dodge, Milwaukee, Walworth, and Waukesha counties. (covering most of Milwaukee’s northern and western suburbs) Map

The district will see a new face as Republican Jim Sensenbrenner retires. Who will it be and what do the candidates have to say about cannabis law reform? We know for sure there can be only one from each party to advance to the final….. let’s dive into the Republican Primary.

Cliff DeTemple Marijuana Position
Cliff DeTemple Marijuana Position

Cliff DeTemple is a Republican Candidate for Congress with over 18 years business experience as the owner of Turning Point Systems Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With over 33 years in the military reserve, Cliff is a passionate Eagle Scout, a community supporter and counselor to scouting programs throughout the Midwest. Cliff’s focus is to bring back integrity to the political system and set term limits on Congress. He will bring change to how campaigning is handled to make government local again. He will represent the people and businesses of Wisconsin’s 5th District. 

Position on Marijuana Legalization: I support the states rights to decide and want the federal govt out. I believe that just like alcohol, marijuana can be used responsibly creating legal employment and reducing crime. I do support employer and govt social programs the right for drug testing if determined for safety reason.

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization: I support removing federal laws against marijuana. States may decide how they want to proceed. Most issues I look at how the state can handle the issue verses the federal government.

Position on Medical Marijuana: I support legalizing medical use. This goes with President Trump’s right to try.

Comments: I want the Federal government out of it and allow the states to decide what laws they want. This always brings up two sides. The medical use and recreational. Federal government should make medical available. This goes with Trumps right to try. Then states can decide their view and laws on recreational. I will still support private businesses if they require drug testing. Freedom of choice and allowing local govt to decide how to legally regulate.  I believe this type of reform will also solve some of our border issues.

On Expungment: I do not support automatic but I do support review expungement comparing just possession and possession with intent to sell. A law is a law and we must follow them for a civil society. We may not agree with them so we work to change them.

NORML has awarded Cliff DeTemple the grade of A during the 2019-20 Smoke the Vote Project.

Contact Cliff DeTemple Email: Phone: 414-324-5850




Scott Fitzgerald Marijuana Position
Scott Fitzgerald Marijuana Position

Senator Scottt Fitzgerald is a NO to anything marijuana, even allowing public hearings on his watch is a no go.  Fitzgerald received a Failing grade from NORML during the 2019-2020 legislative session.

He announced he will not seek re-election for the Senate and is running for the congressional seat Sensenbrenner is retiring from.

If you really want to know more about him, here is just some of our archives:

Holds office State Senate District 13

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 5 (R)

Contact Scott Fitzgerald, Phone: 608-266-5660 Email:



The winner of this primary race will face Democrat Tom Palzewicz in the general election in November.

Learn more about how to register to vote at or

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information
Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

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