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Assembly District 76 Democrat Candidate Statements

Rep. Christine Taylor Marijuana Scorecard
Rep. Christine Taylor Marijuana Scorecard

Wisconsin Assembly District 76 representing Madison (MAP) is up for grabs as Democrat Chris Taylor is not seeking re-election. Rep. Taylor was a long time advocate for sensible marijuana reform and I am happy to report that each of the eight (8) candidates vying for the final position on the ballot all support legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults in Wisconsin.

Our hard work has paid off again, as Wisconsin Eye is asking candidates about “recreational and medical marijuana”; making it a voter issue again this election cycle. Earlier in July 2020, WisconsinEye senior producer Steve Walters interviewed each candidate who is running for the 76th Assembly District in the upcoming partisan primary.

I have archived their positions and statements on marijuana reform in the videos below and they are cued to start at the part addressing marijuana reform, so you can hear directly form the candidates themselves….but 7 out of 7 is perfect for cannabis reform. Another victory!

Primary Election August 11, 2020

 Democrat Party Candidates

Marsha Rummel (D) Madison:

Nicki Vander Meulen (D) Madison, Crimanal Defense Attorney

Tyrone Williams (D) Madison, Police Officer from Madison.

Heather Driscoll (D) Madison:

Francesca Hong (D) Madison:

Dewey Bredeson (D) Madison:

Ali Maresh (D) Madison:

General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

The winner of this primary race will face Republican Patrick Hull from Madison in the general election. Hull is quoted as saying “The legalization of marijuana is at the top of my list. Not only would legalizing marijuana provide assistance to people who need it medically, such as veterans with PTSD and those with chronic health problems, but it would also be a step toward ending the blatantly racist war on drugs.

Learn more about how to register to vote at https://norml.org/act/register-to-vote or MyVote.wi.gov

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information
Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

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