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Candidates for Assembly District 41 Views on Marijuana Reform

District Map of Assembly District 41. Primarily Adams, Marquette and Green Lake Counties including Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton in Sauk County. Advisory Referendums on Marijuana in 2018 passed 78% in Marquette County and 80% in Sauk County. Former Rep. Ballweg Constituent Surveys in 2019 had 73-83% support for marijuana reform.

First up the Republican challengers seeking the former seat of Republican Joan Ballweg.

Primary Election August 11, 2020

Republican Candidates

Gary Will from Ripon: Opposed recreational or anything marijuana reform related expect limited medical as “last resort” and after he hears from all the experts and ‘input from voters’ despite voting no to advisory referendums. He states “marijuana is dangerous” – watch the 5 minute video below and here from Will himself. Gary Will voted NO as a committee member and opposed the 2018 Fond du Lac County Advisory Referendum on Marijuana as a County Board Supervisor. (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)

Wi Eye interviewed Gary Will on July 9th and he says he would lean towards the experts. Something medical or doctors provided, but recreational marijuana for people to buy and use for tax dollars he does not support.

Luke Dretske from Berlin: Opposed, states “not for recreational marijuana at all“, calls marijuana “very dangerous”, stated “is against any form of medical marijuana” during June 25th candidate forum – watch the 5 minute video below and here from Dretske himself. (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)

Below is the video from the Republican Primary Forum on June 25, 2020. Dretske and Will participated. Marijuana reform is discussed at minute 37:10 mark:

Below is the WI Eye Interview with Luke Dretske who again expresss his “strong” opposition against regulating marijuana for use by responsible adults, adding he does not want that in our streets, he has saw people in college and community ruined by drugs. He seems to reinforce the debunked “gateway theory”. He closed out by saying is still hesitant on medical cannabis and wanted to get the facts and met with right people.

Alex Dallman from Green Lake: “My current stance on Marijuana Reform would be against legalization of recreational use. I am also currently opposed to medicinal, but I am more open to exploring this side of it.” He added on the topic of decriminalization: “For simple possession of small amount, I am in favor.” (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)

Wi Eye interviewed Alex Dallman on July 9; in which Dallman added the “slippery slope” theory to his list opposition {editor note slippery slope and gateway theories are debunked and not backed by fact}, stating he is worried medical marijuana leads quickly to recreational marijuana”. Leary about adding a new drug (marijuana) into our society and our environment and hopefully we can stay away from that.

Chuck Harsh from Montello may have already flipped flopped on the issue, this was his website statement: “Although I have little personal interest in the topic, I am aware of the polls that show Wisconsinites support the full legalization of marijuana.  To that end, I would support legislation that would  legalize marijuana based on my duty to represent the electors.” (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)

*NOTE: A July 9th Interview with Wi Eye Chuck Harsh admitted he is back tracking on the issue of marijuana reform. He still claims he supports medical cannabis.

He still said non issue, has a part time deputy. At first he stated he would not oppose it, could not turn back time with all states legalized. He cites his recent research from Colorado where it has not turned out so well for them. He states open to conversation but would not pledge his support and in fact, would not even pledge he would not oppose it, noting he needs to change his website and real his first statements back in.


The Independent Candidate in the race:

Jean Bartz from Wisconsin Dells: With 83% of Wisconsinites supporting the legalization of medical marijuana and 59% supporting full legalization, we need to move forward with the legalization process.  As recent as December 2019, our representatives voiced support for this process, but refused to move forward due to the politics.  I believe we can work together, across the aisles, to bring Wisconsin forward in our marijuana policies.  I also believe that taxing the sale of recreational marijuana would provide additional income to our state that could be used for things like infrastructure and schools as well as reducing money spent on policing enforcement and imprisonment of those convicted of marijuana-related offense.  (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)


The Democrat Candidate in the race:

Nate Zimdars from Ripon: I support the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes in our state. (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website)

Primary Election is Tuesday August 11, 2020 and General Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

Learn more about how to register to vote at https://norml.org/act/register-to-vote or MyVote.wi.gov

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information
Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

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