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Mark Kiley (D) to challenge Shae Sortwell (R)

Rep. Sortwell Marijuana Record
Rep. Sortwell Marijuana Record

He ran for office as a Republican and spoke about marijuana reform on the campaign trail.  He sponsored legislation his first session as a freshman Assembly Representative.  He is leading the way to common sense reform within the GOP and for that, Rep. Sortwell has earned his A-

Read more about Shae and his work: https://www.northernwinorml.org/?s=Shae+Sortwell

Holds office State Assembly District 2

Sponsored Legislation: Assembly Bill 236 Regarding firearms and confidentiality of medical marijuana patients:


Assembly Bill 750 Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program: 


Asssembly Bill 1004 – Decriminalize 10 grams or less of marijuanaCo-sponsored Legislation

Assembly Bill 772 – Relating to: employer liability for not drug testing employees and prospective employees.


Assembly Bill 1005 – “Jury Nullification” 

Contact Shae Sortwell as an elected official at: Email: Rep.Sortwell@legis.wisconsin.gov, Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/02/Sortwell, Phone: 608-266-9870

Here is the results of Rep. Sortwell completed 2020 Candidate Questionnaire:

Over three dozen US states and territories, not including Wisconsin, are regulating marijuana for medical and/or adult-use, despite marijuana’s federal illegality. Ending federal prohibition would alleviate the tension between these states and the US government and allow states to set their own policies free from federal interference. Do you support or oppose ending the federal prohibition of marijuana?
Please provide a position statement regarding legalizing the medical use of marijuana.
I support medical including home grow
Do you support or oppose decriminalizing the simple possession of marijuana?
Please provide a position statement regarding decriminalizing the simple possession of marijuana.
I authored such a bill. Police should focus on more important things.
The prohibition of marijuana allows for the disproportionate criminalization of black and brown Wisconsinites, despite similar rates of consumption across all races and ethnicities. The impacts of marijuana criminalization are far reaching and include long-lasting collateral consequences well beyond the criminal charge. Do you support the automatic expungement of non-violent marijuana possession convictions?
Please provide a position statement regarding automatic expungement of non-violent marijuana possession convictions.
A caveat to this is we really need to go into our criminal code and better define what is violent and not violent. It is a mess. DOC has their own policies that may not be practical.
Legalizing the responsible adult-use of marijuana provides states the opportunity to take marijuana off the street corner and place it behind an age-verified counter to better provide for consumer and public safety and prevent youth access. Taxing and regulating the adult-use of marijuana also provides economic stimulus through job creation and tax revenue. Do you support or oppose legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults?
Please provide a position statement regarding legalizing and regulating the responsible use of marijuana by adults.
I have no strong stance on it except I don’t see it as a great idea so long as it is federally prohibited. You never know when the feds may crack down and I don’t want people thinking they are obeying the law and then made into felons by the feds.

Learn more about Shae Sortwell by following his campiang Facebook page Shae Sortwell’s Campaign For Liberty and visiting his website at: http://www.votesortwell.com/


Mark Kiley from Two Rivers. I asked Mark his stance on marijuana reform and his reply was:

My candidacy is based on your stance not mine. If I am going to be a representative, that’s what you do is represent. If you look at the web site, kiley4assembly.com, you will see that it is all about bringing the people’s voice to Madison.

Election is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.

Learn more about how to register to vote at MyVote.wi.gov

Learn more about requesting an absentee ballot / voting by mail at MyVote.Wi.Gov

Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information
Wisconsin Marijuana Voter Information

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