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New Milwaukee City Attorney asked to stop cannabis prosecutions by ACLU and WJI

For those that do not know what WJI means or is, here is a quick overview:

The mission of the Wisconsin Justice Initiative is to advocate for progressive change in the Wisconsin justice system by educating the public about its real-life impacts and partnering with other organizations to achieve more just outcomes. The organization has the following priorities:

  • Ensuring that municipal court defendants are treated fairly and that judges adhere to the law in considering poverty at sentencing
  • Educating the public about Marsy’s Law and opposing its inclusion in the State Constitution
  • Legalizing medical and recreational cannabis
  • Eliminating life-without-parole sentences for juveniles
  • Eliminating the felony bail jumping charge

On May 8th, 2020, the WJI and ACLU of Wisconsin issued a letter asking Milwaukee City Attorney Tearman Spencer to end city prosecutions of marijuana cases. Read the letter here.

WJI – Wisconsin Justice Initiative

In addition, early in April 2020, National NORML and chapters released a memo​ for use with state lawmakers, cannabis regulators, prosecutors, and other interested parties to provide an easy and simple list of recommendations of how to quickly evolve marijuana policies around the country in the ongoing effort to mitigate the spread and destruction of COVID-19.

In efforts to help our states largest city advance reform, please sign the petition below and become active today by joining or supporting NORML in Wisconsin with a donation.

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