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Wisconsin awards Charlotte Figi posthumous citation


A young child named Charlotte Figi captured the hearts of millions and help educate many to the benefits of “CBD”. At three months old, her first seizure started a journey that ended in a Facebook page to announce Charlotte “is seizure free forever.” Sadly, the now 13-year-old was hospitalized in 2020 with pneumonia, which caused her seizures to return and resulted in respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. She died peacefully in her mother’s arms on recently in April 2020.

Now it is 4/20 week (or month!) in Wisconsin and session ended early without so much as a public hearing. We head into 2020 knowing it is election time and the candidates are already calling for marijuana reform. Much of our success in our state in passing “CBD Laws” came from legislators finding compassion in their hearts for families of children, who like Figi, found therapeutic use of CBD beneficial. Many of these elected officials found themselves voting YES to cannabis for the first time in passing CBD and Industrial Hemp laws. Sadly, some of those same elected officials are uneducated on THC or think THC is the devil. Many of them have blocked any medical marijuana legislation from even a public hearing.

During this 4/20 week Senator Patrick Testin posted that Rep. Scott Krug, Rep Dave Considine, Rep Tony Kurtz, Senator Bob Wirch, Senator Van Wanggaard and Senator Lena Taylor awarded a posthumous citation to Charlotte Figi. Charlotte’s struggles with Dravet Syndrome and her subsequent treatment with CBD oil opened a lot of people’s eyes to CBD’s potential, and helped spur policy changes at the state and federal level.

At age five, Charlotte was experiencing as many as 300 grand mal seizures per week; she wasn’t expected to make it past her eight birthday. CBD cut that down to 0-1 per week. Her story made national news, and was featured on CNN. The chain reaction that set off ultimately led to federal and state reform of hemp laws and the popularization of CBD as a treatment option.

posthumous citation to Charlotte Figi
posthumous citation to Charlotte Figi

Are these elected officials just jumping on a bandwagon to make it look like they care? Do these legislators care? Are these people willing to discuss marijuana reform? (NOTE: Roger Roth had to sign it as President of the Senate).

I know and respect this award is about Charlotte Figi and is well deserved, but the name Van Wanggaard listed on anything supporting cannabis, even CBD bugs me. This Senator Wanggaard has blocked marijuana reform time and time again.

Senator Wanggaard

I easily found pediatric medical marijuana information online, many families from Wisconsin have moved to medical marijuana states when “CBD Only” legislation failed them in Wisconsin. They have all sorts of information on their websites, like wpa4a.org. Lots of scientific and anecdotal articles, testimonials, 24k members (most are treating children).


Examine the voting records and statements by these elected officials will give us more information then the latest public relations efforts by their offices.

Senator Patrick Testin (R), Grade:B+ https://vote.norml.org/politicians/140664

Senator Robert Wirch (D), Grade: C+ https://vote.norml.org/politicians/140664

Senator Van Wanggaard (R), Grade: F https://vote.norml.org/politicians/68677

Senator Lena Taylor (D), Grade: A+ https://vote.norml.org/politicians/51747

Senate President Roger Roth (R), Grade: F https://vote.norml.org/politicians/68673

Rep. Scott Krug (R), Grade: C- https://vote.norml.org/politicians/51822

Rep. Dave Considine (D), Grade: B+ https://vote.norml.org/politicians/153653

Rep Tony Kurtz (R), Grade: F https://vote.norml.org/politicians/153482

Curious on how your elected officials in Wisconsin stacked up as compared to others? Not sure who represents you? Enter your Zip Code and view the full reports of your officials at https://vote.norml.org/states/WI and review the Executive Summary to help digest the whole situation.

Help close out April 2020; 4/20 month by joining, donating, or buying something cool from our online store today! With your help and support will plan to add the candidate module of the Smoke The Vote Legislative Scorecard and Voter Guide for 2020 after the filing period. Thank you and keep the cannabis conversations going!

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