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Mitigating The COVID-19 Crisis By Evolving Cannabis Policies

National NORML released a memo​ for use with state lawmakers, cannabis regulators, prosecutors, and other interested parties to provide an easy and simple list of recommendations of how to quickly evolve marijuana policies around the country in the ongoing effort to mitigate the spread and destruction of COVID-19. 

In light of the ongoing effort to promote public and health safety, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) strongly encourages state and local policymakers to implement the following guidelines to reduce person-to-person interactions, reduce unnecessary public servant-to-person interactions and to better protect the health of cannabis patients and consumers, as well as the general public.

NORML recommends:

• An immediate deprioritization of marijuana criminal and civil penalty enforcement
• An immediate withdrawal of all charges for those currently facing prosecution for a nonviolent marijuana-related offense
• Immediate review and release of currently incarcerated individuals who are either in jail or in prison solely for the commission of a nonviolent marijuana-related offense
• Immediate review and waiver of all pending probation requirements for individuals who have solely been convicted of a nonviolent marijuana-related crime

It is our hope that this serves as a resource.  We need your help to put it in the hands of your policymakers and have them clearly connect the dots on how to do so.  Sign the petition today and share on social media. Join us as a member for 2020 as we celebrate our 10th year as a NORML Affiliate.

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