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Help needed: Candidate Research and Data Entry

Help create the 2020 Smoke the Vote: NORML’s Candidate Scorecard & Voter Guide for Wisconsin.

I’m recruiting leaders in Wisconsin because I need help with research and data entry (voting records, public comments, etc.) for state level candidates. I’m hoping many of you can take the lead on new candidates, since I have a majority of the incumbents records archived for our Smoke the Vote 2020 Campaign already.

National NORML will cover all the federal candidates. We will still be working on data entry after the public release too, up until the November election, so there is still time to get involved.

If you are interested in helping with this project, send me an email at Jay@NorthernWINORML.org

I’m looking for data on candidate campaign statements and comments made to the media and/or the public. For each piece of data, I’d also like sources linked such as bill pages and news articles. If you are unsure if a source is credible, just ask!

Google searching and online research is the main way we will be collecting this information. Another great way to do so is calling offices and campaigns directly.

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