Rep. Joel Kitchens
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Will the real Joel Kitchens please stand up!

I am pretty sure this Republican Representative named Joel Kitchens could very easily understand the complex nature of federal marijuana laws intertwined with international laws and treaties to make the next move(s) on the chess board of marijuana reform and to stand up. Stand up for states rights, stand up for patients rights, stand up for constitutional rights, stand up for human rights…… and yes, we call on the real Joel Kitchens to please stand up and author a Republican bill to remove the racist, unconstitutional and unsupported prohibition of marijuana in Wisconsin. Rep. Kitchens should not abrogate from his responsibilities to abrogate Wisconsin marijuana prohibition.

Rep. Joel Kitchens
Rep. Joel Kitchens

The Sturgeon Bay area is where Rep. Kitchens calls home and thanks to the work for field activists in the area, cannabis possession in your own home in Sturgeon Bay no longer as any penality, civil or criminal!   This comes after a great deal of work and a coalition of groups in the area pushing marijuana reform.      Right after the elections in 2018, Door County was on of the first counites to declare a supporting resolution supporting medical marijuana.  The following spring 2019, Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor asked residents in the district about medical and recreational marijuana on a local referendum, all four referendums passed.      Being a leader in 2017 on decriminalization and sponsoring both versions of medical marijuana bills in 2020, it is just a matter of time before Rep. Kitchens smells what marijuana reform has cooking, support from his base, support from both sides, a rock solid re-election and a robust industry for Wisconsin…………..

Recently Rep. Kitchens had the chance to be a little stronger in the news on the issue. Considering he did sponsor both Wisconsin medical marijuana bills he cannot be that scared of the federal government.

Legal cannabis supporters in Door County point to tax revenues in other states as another reason for decriminalization in Wisconsin, though an area lawmaker says that’s unlikely to happen.  The State of Colorado recently announced legal cannabis sales generated $1.75-billion in sales and $302-million dollars in tax revenue.  Sturgeon Bay City Councilmember Seth Wiederanders supports legal marijuana for medical and recreational use.  He believes the economic benefits of such uses can work in Wisconsin if it’s taxed and regulated like alcoholic beverages.

State Representative Joel Kitchens, a Republican from Sturgeon Bay, says the current political climate in Madison makes legalization of marijuana improbable.  Though he says lawmakers are monitoring Michigan’s and Illinois’s experiences with legal cannabis sales.

Kitchens also believes the federal government should have the final say on whether medical and recreational cannabis should be legal because it’s still banned under federal law. Illinois began allowing legal marijuana sales on January 1st and drew many customers from Wisconsin. 


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