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2020 Print Your Own Petition Form Available

Print Your Own Forms

Our chapter uses Google Documents to help produce informational literature used in Field Activism.

The 2020 Wisconsin Hemp Cannabis (Marijuana) Support Form is immediately ready for field use.

The form can be left behind as an educational piece also for people who sign. In the world of politics, having someone sign a form is worth 1 point. Having that person email their elected official directly is worth 2 points. A phone call from a constituent to their officials is worth 5 points and an in person face to face sit down with an elected official is worth 10 points.

Simply put, we need more points. These action items can be repeated, so points do accumulate. Marijuana reform is a marathon, not a sprint… welcome to the race.

If you have any questions, please email us at NorthernWiNORML@gmail.com or call us directly at 920-931-4207

Link to 2020 Petition Form

Want to participate online instead, here are the active pieces of legisaltion:

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