Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R - Oshkosh)
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Michael Schraa from Oshkosh co-authors Republican medical marijuana legislation.

Rep. Michael Schraa is a Republican from Oshkosh and we have been working in his district forever and a day on the issue. With 99 Assembly Districts and not even all Democrats being up to speed on marijuana reform, education is constant, education is critical and education is key.

Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R - Oshkosh)
Representative Michael Schraa Assembly District 53 (R – Oshkosh)

Schraa is not a newcomer to the game. Michael Schraa is an American businessman and politician. Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Schraa attended University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Schraa is a business owner and former stock broker. In November 2012, Schraa was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly, as a Republican. He was trained by American Majority.

His district includes Oshkosh, Algoma, Omro, Rushford, Nepeuskun, Utica, Nekimi, Black Wolf, Rosendale, Eldorado, Friendship, North Fond Du Lac, Springvale, Lamartine and Waupun

Here is a small snap shot and timeline of events as we worked his district:

2013 – Rep Schraa states he does not support marijuana reform of any kind.

2017 – Rep. Schraa authors a simple decriminalization bill of 10 grams $100 fine with fellow Republicans in the Assembly.

Fall 2018 – Answers “Campaign Cannabis Question” before election, cites his support for CBD Oil and decriminalization and indicates openness to medical marijuana.

Winter 2018 – He is appointed to be member of the Committee on State Affairs that will later been assigned the Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill.

Spring 2019 – We did not see Rep. Schraa participate in the “2019 Spring GOP Survey” with a marijuana legalization question on it.

Winter 2019 – Author of Republican Bill – Creation of Medical Marijuana Program LRB 5095-1

Now that Rep. Schraa has authored a decriminalization bill and a medical cannabis bill, will he be the first Republican to author or co-sponsor a recreational marijuana / adult use bill? Only time will tell! AB 220 Action Alert is listed below, this is the current version of the recreational marijuana legislation for the 2019-2020 session.

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