Representative Romaine Quinn Majority Caucus Vice-Chair Assembly District 75 (R - Barron)
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Rep. Romaine Quinn co-authors Republican version of medial marijuana for Wisconsin

Representative Romaine Quinn Majority Caucus Vice-Chair Assembly District 75 (R – Barron) recently co-authored the Republican led version of medical marijuana for Wisconsin. As we all know, two versions of medical marijuana are floating around out there, this one and a bi-partisan bill by Republican Senator Patrick Testin along with Republican Assembly Representatives Kitchens, Edming and Novak. The new Republican Bill is still be circulated for co-sponsorship, but we did embed the feed from the Facebook post of Rep. Quinn announcing the co-authoring of the bill.

The devil is in the details is something we here and each bill is crafted differently, but right now the public input we are hearing is the biggest difference between the two bills they most care about is protecting smoking products and home grows. The Bipartisan bill stuck in committee for months now does allow for home/patient grows and smoking products are protected. The Republican bill at this time does not. There is much more to both sides and we will dive into the details as the bill progresses through the phases. Stay informed and sign up for email alerts.

Representative Romaine Quinn Majority Caucus Vice-Chair Assembly District 75 (R - Barron)
Rep Romaine Quinn Majority Caucus Vice-Chair Assembly District 75 (R – Barron)

His district is mostly Barron County, but does touch some of the other counties surrounding Barron County. The largest cities in the district are Rice Lake, Cumberland, Barron, Chetek, Shell Lake and the Villages of Turtle Lake, Cameron, Haugen, Birchwood and surrounding areas responded to Rep. Quinn 2019 Spring Survey and 67% of them voted YES to medical marijuana. Now we need to work on him to join fellow Republicans in supporting home grows and smoking marijuana and based off the Interview answers from 2017 Rep. Quinn could be a future leader on the issue of recreational marijuana.

Our chapter relies on Field Activists to help out in their local county or city. Back in 2016-17 cannabis conversations created led to a very positive statements from elected officials in the area, including Rep. Quinn. We got a “Maybe” on recreational marijuana from Rep. Quinn and a definite push for a public hearing on the issue. Along with understanding legal marijuana is not always opposed by law enforcement, Rep. Quinn is quoted as saying “Well the most obvious effect would be the freeing up of time for law enforcement and the local District Attorney’s office, who are already understaffed.” The Interview is interesting and includes Democrat Senator Janet Bewley and Democrat Rep Nick Milroy. The interview also poses other questions such as Do you believe that marijuana is a gateway drug to heroin, meth, or other drugs?, If marijuana was legalized, what impact do you see it having on Wisconsin’s Economy?  Is the legalization of marijuana a partisan issue?

We urge Rep. Quinn to become the first Republican to call for Assembly Bill 220 Adult Use Marijuana Bill to have a public hearing. If his bill is going to advance, the comprehensive nature of marijuana reform will lead to conversations that the Republican bill is not addressing and Assembly Bill 220 is. If you live in his district call him at (608) 266-2519 or email him at

You can also send a powerful message today to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety that kicking the can down the street is not enough, we want you to speak about marijuana reform, we want you to call AB 220 / SB 377 to a public hearing. Send your message today!

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