Representative John Macco Assembly District 88 (R - Ledgeview)
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Republican Assembly Rep. John Macco calls out Fitzgerald on Medical Marijuana

The headlines grab us all the time. I hope mine did. I am not sure what the controversy is anymore… Is it the marijuana? Is it that Macco is calling out a fellow Republican? Is it the new GOP Pharma Pot Pill Bill that is causing all the controversy? Is it that Republican Senators Testin and Assembly Reps Kitchens, Edming and Novak leading the charge with home grows and smoking bills that attracted Democrats over to create a Bipartisan bill? Did I just spin that…well back to the the Fox Spin, whatever that is……we all just want our weed….leave us alone and go fund stuff with tax money from marijuana if you do it right…… either way, it looks like anything cannabis related will be stuck in committee, so as a good activist I left the petition info at the end of the blog………….

Controversy surrounds GOP bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin

GREEN BAY (WLUK) — When it comes to legalizing the use of marijuana in Wisconsin, many state lawmakers would describe the process as an uphill battle.

“We are truly an island. You got Illinois not only doing medical but recreational, you got Michigan doing recreational and Minnesota’s medical marijuana,” said Democratic Senator Dave Hansen.

But in the latest attempt to legalize the drug for medical purposes here in the state, two Republican lawmakers have come forward with a new bill. However, Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has already rejected the proposal, saying he personally opposes the idea and doesn’t believe his GOP-controlled chamber is on board.

“It’s pretty sad when you have a majority leader and majority party that’s not doing what’s best for the public. I know there are Republicans out there that want to fix this medical marijuana bill, it should be a part of the solution to allow people to get the treatment they need,” said Hansen.

For Republican Representative John Macco, the push to legalize marijuana is personal.

Representative John Macco Assembly District 88 (R - Ledgeview)
Representative John Macco Assembly District 88 (R – Ledgeview)

“I think Sen. Fitgerald was a little bit quick in his critique and I would have liked him to have a little bit more open-mindedness,” expressed Macco.

Macco said his wife has been traveling to other states in order to use the drug as a treatment for cancer.

“For us to have access to that is a real blessing, add I’m frustrated because not everyone has that same access and I wish they would,” he said. “I think there needs to be the tools available for all individuals to have the same access to healthcare that we do.”

Macco hopes the medical marijuana legislation is brought up for debate, but at this time no such debate is planned.

A Marquette University Law School poll from April also showed 83% of respondents support legalizing medical marijuana and 59% backed full legalization.

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