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Press Release: New Executive Director and Media Contact

WHO: Media, Elected Officials, Local Civic Organizations
WHAT: New Media Contact
WHEN: Effective Immediately
WHERE: Northern, Central and Fox Valley of Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin NORML announces the election of Kris Teegardin to Executive Director for the chapter.   Kris comes aboard eager to work on the issue and offers his past experiences to you. He is a media contact and will be available for news interviews in addition to speaking to civic organizations about marijuana reform.

Kris Teegardin hails from farmers, factory workers, and railroaders. Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Kris attended Ball State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s in English & American Literature and Classical Studies. 

Kris is the former Mayor of Edgewater, CO, which was the first municipality in the United States to codify the sale of recreational cannabis. Kris helped lead the implementation and regulation of recreational sales in the city.

As mayor, Kris chaired the Metro Mayors Caucus Homelessness and Hunger Committee, was vice chair of Colorado’s 1st Judicial District Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee, and served on multiple economic development boards. Kris also has extensive experience in the mental health and substance use field.

Kris recently moved to Wisconsin with his wife and son to be close to family. Kris continues to serve his community for the reformation of cannabis laws and eventual legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use. 

Kris has seen firsthand the positive economic impacts and community transformation legalization affords. Legalization also supports Kris’ strong beliefs in individual liberty, individual responsibility, and the adherence to the Enlightened principle of limited government.

Contact Kris directly at 720-568-0461 or to schedule an interview.

Kris Teegardin

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