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The Action Network is an awesome platform to help with activism.  Join our email list and we promise not to send you spam!  What we will promise to email you is:

1. Active legislation alerts as bills are introduced to the legislation cycle.

2. Annual meetings and statewide calls for action including “Lobby Days”

3. Meetings and events directly in your area.

4. Town hall and Listening Sessions of your elected officials.

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Jay Selthofner, Founder and current Treasurer of Northern Wisconsin NORML, is a motivated citizen activist in Wisconsin. In the past he has also served as Executive Director of the chapter, and in 2010, he brought awareness to Wisconsin with his run for Wisconsin State Assembly on a platform of full legalization of Cannabis and Hemp for Medical, Industrial, and Recreational purposes. Through networking, communication and hard work he believes the reform of marijuana laws will progress quickly and we will be one step closer to global peace. Visit his website at

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