Medical Marijuana Hopes in 2017-18 crushed by Republicans, again

Rep. Nygren and Rep. Mursau: Hosts local law enforcement meeting

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Nygren, John, Marinette
Representative John Nygren Assembly District 89 (R – Marinette)

Madison–State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), author of 30 bipartisan bills aimed at combating our states opioid epidemic released the following statement:

“Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Representative Jeff Mursau (R-Crivitz) and law enforcement from communities around Northeastern Wisconsin to discuss Michigan’s legalization of recreational marijuana and how it will impact border communities.”

Representative Jeffrey Mursau Assembly District 36 (R - Crivitz)
Representative Jeffrey Mursau Assembly District 36 (R – Crivitz)

“Given our proximity to Michigan, I felt it was important to convene a meeting with law enforcement officials to gather input on the new challenges they will be facing and how we can support them as they continue to combat the flow of drugs into our communities.”

“I remain concerned about the negative impacts of recreational marijuana. As a state and a nation, we are already facing an opioid epidemic and methamphetamine is making a huge resurgence; now is not the time to fully legalize another mind-altering, addictive drug.”

“Law enforcement also pointed out that after marijuana was legalized in Colorado, young adults were three times more likely to drive under the influence of cannabis, which is the drug most often detected in car crashes. Additionally, visits to the emergency room and urgent care centers have also increased almost threefold among those under 21 since legalization.”

“As we move forward, I will continue to keep open lines of communication with local law enforcement and work to provide them with the necessary tools to prevent the flow of illegal drugs into our part of the state. I also look forward to working on the Assembly’s Committee on Substance Abuse and Prevention to address the deadly drug-addiction problem in our state.”


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