Representative Rob Swearingen Assembly District 34 (R - Rhinelander)
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Rep. Swearingen visits the Florence County Sheriff to talk Marijuana

Rep. Swearingen is a Republican from Rhinelander, Wisconsin and is the Chair of the 2019 Assembly Committee on State Affairs which Senate Bill 507 and Assembly Bill 570 (Medical Marijuana) (view all committee members here).

In the spring of 2019 after overwhelming support in the Wisconsin public marijuana referendums the previous fall, many of the Assembly GOP members held a spring survey which was posted online and sent in the email to people on their mailing list. The results of Assembly Representative Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander) spring survey are not surprising as 63% of his district supported medical marijuana. Wisconsin’s 34th Assembly District encompasses Oneida, Vilas, Florence, and a portion of Forest County. The district is located in northern Wisconsin, along the border of Wisconsin and Michigan.

His district survey results are:

36% of respondents do not support any marijuana legalization.

41% of respondents support medical marijuana legalization only.

22% of respondents support all marijuana legalization.

Read more about Republican Assembly Representative Rob Swearingen on here.

If all this makes you upset enough to use the following form to support medical marijuana in Wisconsin, this blog post did its purpose:

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