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Scott Fitzgerald will run for Congress

Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R)

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has announced that he will run for Congress. The announcement was made Tuesday on 1130 WISN-AM out of Milwaukee. He will be running to replace outgoing Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, has been an unwavering supporter of prohibition in Wisconsin. He is well known in the cannabis community for saying “I don’t see the support for it” and “I don’t support it” when he was asked about medical cannabis. With the progress being made in regards to cannabis at the Federal level, is Senator Fitzgerald the right choice to represent our interests in the big league?

As someone working toward sensible cannabis laws in Wisconsin, I certainly do not want to send such a message to Washington. The outdated beliefs controlling our State Legislature is not something I personally want to share with the world. As we become surrounded by states that have legalized cannabis along side a large percentage of Wisconsin voters who have weighed in on the topic, Senator Fitzgerald still doesn’t see the support. I can only hope someone who does see the support will enter the race and give us a real option.

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