Action Alert: Sign the Petition to Give SB 377 a Public Hearing

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SB 377 is an important piece of legislation wasting away in committee in the Wisconsin Senate. It is a bill that is identical to AB 220 which is currently wasting away in committee at the Assembly level. The Senate committee is comprised of the worst possible group of people to move this bill in the proper direction so we really need your help persuading them to do the right thing. We need to let them know we want the chance to be heard on this bill.

This bill was assigned to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. The members of this committee are:

Please share this petition with everyone you know. This is a statewide petition and it doesn’t matter if anyone who signed the petition is in the committee members district or not. Thank you for your efforts to bring common sense to Wisconsin’s cannabis laws. Your activism is needed and appreciated.

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Alan Rupnick is a citizen activist and volunteer. He is passionate about ending cannabis prohibition for medical patients and those who have had their lives changed for the worse due to cannabis prohibition.

38 Responses

  1. David Lawson
    | Reply

    Pass it please. It will also help win elections.

    • Michael Schwarzkopf
      | Reply

      For once listen to your voters .pass this bill.

      • Dana
        | Reply

        ITS TIME

  2. Michael Velimirovic
    | Reply

    Please allow Wisconsin to get this ball rolling

  3. Aaron white
    | Reply

    Wisconsin needs to see the light

    • Lori Holzhausen
      | Reply

      It’s LONG OVERDUE for Wisconsin to be on the progressive side of this, the lies that have been fed to the public are absolutely insane. The revenue this will generate will fund NUMEROUS projects and programs.

  4. Mike Durrant
    | Reply

    It sure would be nice to be in the top 50% in states to legalize.

  5. Pastor Bert
    | Reply

    It’s a weed, grows wild, a gift from God…Read Genesis 1:29…
    and it makes you happy, stops stress in its tracks… the medical properties of this plant are amazing and it really helps with the pain of crippling arthritis among many other ailments.. can help the economy and help reduce taxes…removes the burden from the public and provides jobs… I see no reason why Wisconsin would not legalize marijuana… The farmers here need the weed.. give it to them and watch the smiles on many happy faces… and empty the jails for real criminals… Pastor Bert

    • Kasaundra
      | Reply

      It’s time for a change! Please, for the officer of God. I don’t want to take opioids!!

    • Duane Linn
      | Reply


      True witchcraft is the Greek word, pharmakea.

      Sorcery. Look it up in Strongs Greek Dictionary and cross reference the word pharmaceutical in Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

      Big Pharma is evil.

  6. David Koch
    | Reply

    It’s well past time we catch up to the rest of the US and the world.

  7. Twyla Koch
    | Reply

    IT IS TIME. Listen to your constituents.

    • Vicki
      | Reply

      I’ve suffered a Traumatic brain injury and other mental illnesses for over 18 years along with PTSD .. you would not believe the things that go on in someone’s head.. it’s a daily struggle and no Prescription medication has helped me 100 percent.. Doctors are always changing my medication and upping doses because the Prescriptions just stop or my body starts rejecting them.. I’ve been on so many pharmaceutical drugs and have allergies to 18 of them that some wound me in the Er.. I’ve tried Cannabis and wow what a blessing it has been.. I’m calmer.. I can actually sleep sometimes.. and it helps my racing thoughts and anxiety more than anything so far.. after everything I’ve been through in my life.. if a plant is something that helps me live a better life than than Pharmaceutical drugs I’m sorry but it’s my Civil Right to Heal myself anyway I see fit..

  8. Erin Marien
    | Reply

    Recently visited Colorado…they have the right idea! Their state’s economy is thriving!!

  9. Brenda Kraemer
    | Reply

    Lets get this going– medical mmj helps with LOTS of medical issues!!!

  10. Valerie Husom
    | Reply

    It’s well past time we catch up to our neighboring states. You will not have regrets.

  11. Nancy Boppre
    | Reply

    We deserve the same quality of life as the people in 33 plus other states. How many more people have to suffer for their medical issues before Wisconsin passes it. It’s time!!!

  12. bob peffer
    | Reply

    There are so many ways cannabis can help Wisconsin and its citizens. Let us please create some common sense laws the sooner the better.

  13. Help Generations catch up on a livable life! Help society help themselves!

    | Reply

    the failed war on drugs needs to end. the only thing it’s done is fill the private prison system and ruin peoples lives. just for enjoying a plant that god put on this earth for us to use.

  15. Brad Koch
    | Reply

    Wisconsinites should not feel like criminals just so we can live a decent life. Please pass this along to all committee members.

    • Christine Richter
      | Reply

      Yes! thank you

  16. Larry Sellnow
    | Reply

    Pass this bill and you will generate more tax revenues that could be used for road repairs schools etc. Look at the revenue Colorado has made since they’ve legalized marijuana

  17. Jason A Rops
    | Reply

    For some of us, it’s medicine. I have Parkinson’s disease and my Dr. My neurologist and my neurosurgeon all recommend marijuana for treating my disease.

  18. Anthony Parks
    | Reply

    My doctor recommended that marijuana would help me

  19. Tom Sorenson
    | Reply

    the only relief I get is from MJ. Am disabled from a drunk driver

  20. George Kreuzer
    | Reply

    It is time we recognize sensible reform.

  21. Kris Kreuzer
    | Reply

    We know many people who benefit by marijuana reform.

  22. Kyle miller
    | Reply

    Owi laws most definitely need to change

  23. Richard Cockroft
    | Reply

    your constituents put you there to represent them, please do just that. the advisory referendums in the last election cycle showed a large majority want this to happen. please do your jobs and listen to the people you represent.

  24. Heather Thierer
    | Reply

    Let’s get with the program. It’s almost 2020. I’m not gonna sit here surrounded by states who made it legal when there is no reason wisconsin shouldn’t as well.

  25. Brian Thompson
    | Reply

    It is my dying wish you make mj legal.

  26. Shirley Vickman
    | Reply

    For the sake of everyone, this would nearly be a panacea for many things we need. Medical, jobs, PTSD, seizures, pain, replace plastics. Release the smokers. They do not belong incarcerated for seeking a bit of piece and pleasure. We need roads fixed, homes for the homeless, free lunch in schools and soooo much more. I could write all day and still not touch base on the advantages it would bring to Wisconsin. I am 80 years old, have done tons of research, and anyone against this bill is uneducated as to the benefits. Give SB 377 a go ahead and pass it. PLEASE. Wisconsin is an island, surrounded bu states with common sense.

  27. Nate
    | Reply


  28. Michael maye
    | Reply

    We deserve to be treated like surrounding states, instead of letting politicians decide our demise. Vote yes on SB 377

  29. Mike
    | Reply

    A minimum of $200 million annual spending.
    If this bill gets blocked we need to investigate the financials of every legislator that stops it.

  30. Tammy
    | Reply

    Wisconsin need to legalize marijuana medically anyway. look at all the ailments it helps.

  31. Donna L Upthegrove
    | Reply

    I was in a car accident in 97 hit from behind at a dead stop at 60 MPH. Since then I suffer from degenerate disc disease and fibromyalgia.The doctors had me on different pills from 1997 to 2018..Some of them made me worse none of them made me any better.. I don’t wish to take synthetic man made pills with all these side effects.. I want a better quality of life.. And Marijuana helps pain, and arthritis and migraines.. As well as PTSD and panic anxiety attacks as well as sleep..There are so many disabilities and diseases that it helps. Please let us voters have our choice in what we put in our bodies..

    Thank you, Sincerely

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